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Are More Companies Accepting of Distance Learning?

When it comes to employees, companies know that the more educated their employees are in their field, the better off the company is as a whole. This being stated, companies also tend to discourage their employees from taking a full load in college while working full time. It is difficult to keep that positive balance between your full time job and going to school full time. While it is not impossible to excel at both, if you add any other element such as a spouse, family, or hobby, you might as well understand you wonít be able to give one hundred percent of yourself to anything. When you spread yourself too thin, you will find that you are slacking in many areas as well.

Therefore, to help achieve both the goal of educating their employees and the goal of their employees being just as productive while taking courses, companies are getting onboard with distance learning. Many companies are paying for their employees to take courses online and many are forming partnerships with local colleges and universities to ensure this happens smoothly. Sometimes the companies are requiring only certain subject areas are taken, while other companies are letting their employees choose whatever courses they desire to attempt. Take a look at these reasons companies know distance learning is the best option for the full time worker of todayís day and age.


When a full time employee takes traditional college courses they are almost always at night or on the weekend. Therefore, the average worker will work until five in the evening, and then attend class until nine or ten at night. Once they get home and hit the bed, they are exhausted. They often use their non-class days to study. There is no time to think about anything but schooling and often these employees will even try to sneak in studying and other schoolwork during office hours. Although it may not seem like a big deal to employees, these practices can really effect production.

With distance learning, the employees donít have to spend that extra four hours in class after work. They can simply go home and log onto their class whenever it is convenient for them. They can do their work at home and be more prepared to attend work the next day. They may even be able to get all of their schoolwork done on the weekends. The time consuming part about school is attending class. The average student will sit in classrooms at least twelve hours a week. When you are an online student, you eliminate that classroom time. While you still have to read the same as a traditional student and will have the same homework assignments, papers, and tests, the twelve hours you save can mean a lot.

Public Relations

Many companies are also choosing to get onboard with distance learning for their employees because they know it looks good to the public. Any large company knows their image to the public is an important part of their success. When your employees are happy and the public can see that, they will think higher of your company. Some companies are even finding ways to use distance-learning incentives as tax deductions. So, all in all, they are coming out looking like the hero, while their employees are getting what they want as well. Think about it: if you heard everyone who worked for Company ďAĒ talking about how much they love work and how great the company is, you would either want to purchase products from the company to see why they are so great or you may want to work for the company. Either way, the company is benefiting.

As you can see, there are several reasons companies like to offer their employees the opportunity to partake in distance learning. Employee education and training is an important part of a successful company and large corporations are beginning to understand that. If your company offers these opportunities you should think about the benefits you could receive by participating. If your company does not, you should try to talk with the president of your business to see if they would be interested in starting an employee education program.

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