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     Getting an IT Degree Online

In a world where computers play a primary focus in our lives, it is no wonder that online schools are becoming increasingly popular. We do everything else online, from writing letters to paying bills to playing games. Computers are everywhere from running equipment in the factory, to at the checkouts at the mall, and even at the local fast food joint. Children are taught to use computers from the time they enter school, and sometimes even earlier. With the whole world going cyber, Information Technology degrees in particular are booming, being consistently ranked in the top 10 in popularity polls for online courses.

Students are falling in love with online degrees. Online degrees can be done anytime and anywhere. All they need is a computer and some basic knowledge on how to run it and access to the Internet. You do not even need an advanced technical degree to get started, just the basic functions of a computer, Internet, and email.

No longer do students have to schedule life around classes, now they can schedule classes around life. With the internet open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they can take classes before work, after work, on the weekends, even at 3 in the morning. The student can take classes when it is convenient for them.

Computers are also becoming more and more portable, so location is not as important either they can take classes from the comfort of their bed or the closest Starbucks instead of going to a regular classroom. The introduction of laptop computers makes education extremely mobile.

With distance learning, students can continue to earn an income while going to school. Some employers will even offer tuition reimbursement or allow for study time on the job. Their current job does not have to be sacrificed for schoolwork; instead courses can be completed before or after work or on off days. This can lead to new jobs or promotions a lot faster.

Online degrees are often quicker to complete than those at a traditional school. An Information Technology degree can often be completed in less than three years, and even less if the student has had some prior college experience that is transferable. Since students can work on them anytime and anywhere, they are only limited by the time in which they personally can work. Since they are not tied down to a lecture hall, they can go through material at their own pace. Faster completion of degrees means a shorter turnaround time until they are ready to enter the work force. With the face of information technology constantly changing, knowing the current information gives them a step up from the competition when looking for jobs or promotions.

Taking courses online is also often cheaper than attending traditional school. Some online universities will waive application fees and other costs. Plus there is no commute or parking fees for attending class. Students can live at home instead of paying for a dorm. Some schools will even give discounts when you are taking courses through your employer. Financial aid, scholarships, and loans are also readily available for those who qualify the same, as they would be with a traditional college.

Online universities are also starting to focus their study more. They are becoming more credible, recognized, and accepted in the workplace. Instead of being just a broad overview in a field, they are offering more specific courses, making online graduates just as competitive as their traditional counterparts. Courses are available in database administration, network administration, and web management.

Information Technology courses give them skills that they can use in the real world. It trains students in computer programming, write computer code, perform forensic techniques for computer security, and how to use a variety of programs. By the end of the courses they know their computers inside and out.

An Information Technology degree also opens the door to a variety of new job opportunities. Information Technology graduates can work as Internet security specialist, network administrators, computer repair specialists, technical support specialists, or much more. Since computers are becoming more and more commonplace, Information Technology graduates also have a higher chance of being employable in other fields compared to non-graduates.

With computer technology booming, you just might find that a degree in Information Technology is for you.

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