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5 Ways To Motivate Others

Motivating yourself can be simple for some people, but what if you have the need to motivate others. Motivation can come in all forms. Perhaps you are a parent and need to get your child to clean his or her room or maybe you have a teen that needs to make better grades. You could even be an employer that needs to get your employees excited about a new job or task. You can motivate others and sometimes the easiest way is by example.

Motivation is the reason why we do certain things. All people are different and will respond differently to motivation. Some are intrinsically motivated, meaning that they have the ability to get themselves ready without the need of others. Others are extrinsically motivated, meaning that they need something such as rewards or encouragement to stay motivated. When you have the need to motivate others, it is helpful to know and understand what makes each person feel motivated. This can sometimes be difficult, but here are five things to do that will help you motivate others.

In order to motivate others, whether it is your child, spouse or employee, the first step of motivation is purpose. You must make them understand that the job or task you need them to complete has a purpose. Without a purpose, the person might wonder why that particular job or task is important. If they fail to see a purpose, they might not see that the job is important and it will be difficult for them to become motivated. When you explain, or show that person that you need the task completed and why, they will better understand why it needs to be completed.

Another way to motivate others is by creating a sense of importance. When others feel that the work that they do, no matter how small or how big, they will feel motivated to get it done. To create a sense of importance around the job or task, you should show them that they have the power to make the project work. It is easy for many people to give up trying when motivating others. This leads to one person, usually your self, doing the entire job. When you are in a work situation, this can lead to stress and the feeling of being overworked. It is important to let go some of those responsibilities and give out part of the jobs to others. Delegating responsibilities will make the other person feel more motivated because it says that you trust them.

People are also motivated by personal benefits. If someone knows that this particular job or chore will benefit him or her personally, they are more likely to feel motivated. This is when it is necessary to find what makes that person “tick” or what makes them want to do something. If it is a child who cleans their room, they may benefit from finding a long lost toy. Maybe an employee will get the added benefit of overtime hours or advancement in the work place. Rewards have a way of getting the most unmotivated person ready to work.

In addition, you can create motivation by example by staying excited and energized. When you are eager and ready to work, whether it is around your house or in your workplace, others will feel the same. When others look to you for guidance, then lead them by example. If you stay motivated yourself, then others will follow. When you are motivated and always ready to tackle a project, other will feel the excitement and will want to join you. This is a great way to lead by example without telling your children or employees what they have to do. Motivation can be created by staying focused and energized.

The last thing you can do to help others feel motivated is by offering support and encouragement. Have empathy for those around you and when their motivation is slacking, instead of getting angry, offer support. Let them know that the work they do is important to you, and that without them the project is not possible. Have them understand that while the task may be difficult, it is not impossible. Encourage them without doing the job yourself and you will find that those around you have a better time staying motivated.

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