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Money Stress: Do Women Suffer More Than Men?

When you think of money stress, you may think that men traditionally take on the most. But new research shows that women actually suffer from higher money stress rates than their male counterparts. The truth is that women, especially women who fall into the baby boomer generation, are more worried about money than men.

This could be for many reasons. For example, women are more likely to need to draw from investments to pay for child-related expenses. Women also tend to make less money dollar for dollar than men. All of this leads to more concerns over money problems. And beyond just personal money concerns, worries about the failing economy tend to affect women more than men as well.

So whatís a girl to do when the economy is tanking? Itís good to be informed about whatís going on in the world, but itís important not to become obsessed with the grim news. Go ahead and read the paper every day, but then put it down and move on with your day.

The global or national economy is vast and complex. It can be overwhelming to see world events occurring and have no control over them. Instead of focusing on what you canít impact, focus on the financial areas that are within your control.

Make sure that your household is doing the best to keep expenses down and put money into savings for emergencies and long-range plans. Teach your family about money-management so that theyíll be prepared to enter the world independently.

Learn about ways to improve your personal finances in the current economic climate. Believe it or not, there are job markets that are doing quite well and investments that make a lot of sense in this economy.

Take care of yourself as well. Itís easy to let go of your exercise routine or healthy diet when youíre stressed. Instead, focus on staying healthy and reducing your stress through physical activity and healthy eating. This will improve all areas of your health and even help you to let go of your money worries.

The economy is in a downward cycle right now. The good news is that it will improve at some point. You need to hold on and wait for the economic recovery that is certain to happen in the future. Instead of focusing only on negative things, try to find the silver lining in the current market.

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