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Economic News Causes Adverse Stress Reactions

If youíre a TV news junkie, youíve no doubt been inundated with news about the economy. For some people this news is important, but doesnít cause a lot of problems. But for others, economy news can cause an adverse stress reaction. You may be feeling depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by the news.

When those feelings come, you may need to take action to handle them. First you need to decide whatís exactly causing your stress. If youíre not in the position of losing a job or even a home, you may be confused by your feelings of stress when it comes to the economic problems of today. It may be that you are simply feeling anxiety because of the uncertainty of todayís world.

If youíre spending a lot of your day absorbing the news both directly or indirectly, you may need to curb your news consumption. While you may be reading papers and watching cable news channels all day every day, itís probably not good for your stress levels. Listening to bad economic news over and over again can affect you negatively even if youíre not personally affected by it.

It may be time to turn off the news or put down that paper. If you need to know the daily news, commit to watching it for a specific amount of time and then doing something else with your time.

That may mean you need to switch to listening to relaxing music instead of talk radio while youíre at work. You may need to read the paper before you get to work and then leave it at home. This will keep you from being so consumed by it.

If youíre directly impacted by the nature of the global economy, you may be feeling stress from the constant economic news. This stress is even more difficult because what happens will affect youíre livelihood and your lifestyle.

In this case, itís important to stay informed so that youíre not caught by surprise, but donít become consumed by things. Instead, take action to prepare your household for tough times.

The economy seems very unstable right now and it can be difficult news to take. Itís important to remember that this is only a downward cycle and that time will improve the economic situation around the globe. Youíre not alone in your stress, but you need to take steps to keep it from ruling your life.

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