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How To Fit Spirituality Into Your Life

If you’re like the majority of people today, you barely have time to catch your breath, let alone devote endless hours to spiritual practices. Finding time to connect with your spiritual self can be challenging, but you may be surprised to learn that it doesn’t necessarily require a large time investment. In fact, a little goes a long way when it comes to peace of mind and spiritual vitality!

Below you’ll find two good ways to fit spirituality into the rest of your life quickly and easily:

1. Start with just 10 minutes a day.

You may think that you’d have to devote at least an hour to spiritual activities each day in order to feel more connected, but nothing could be further from the truth! As little as 10 minutes a day can inspire profound inner changes that will affect the rest of your life in positive ways.

Try spending just 10 minutes on spiritual activities to start. You can do this first thing in the morning, right before bed, or any time you have a few quiet moments to yourself. During these 10 minutes you can meditate, read inspirational books, breathe deeply, listen to soothing music, or simply sit quietly and enjoy the silence.

Ten minutes is more than enough time to release tension, calm jumbled thoughts, and reconnect with your spirit – which is the whole point of a spiritual practice, right? Even better, the more often you do this you’ll find that the benefits stay with you far beyond the ten-minute timeframe.

2. Make your other activities more spiritual.

This technique can be even more effective than the one above because the focus on your spiritual self will be ongoing throughout the day. Virtually any activity can be considered spiritual if you hold the intention to make it so. Try the following ideas for starters, but also feel free to get creative and modify them to better suit your activities.

Do you workout every day? Try meditating at the same time! You may have heard the term, “walking meditation” before. A walking meditation means keeping your mind in a meditative state while you exercise your body. This involves the practice of mindfulness, focusing intently on each step you take, the feel of your muscles as you work them, and tuning into your breath and spirit as you walk.

The above idea can also be combined with spending time in nature. Being in a natural setting automatically connects you more deeply with your spirituality. Try doing a walking meditation (or even a sitting meditation) in a local park, forest, or beach if you live near one.

You can also turn just about any mundane chore or activity into a meditation or prayer session. Simply allow your mind to drift to more spiritual matters and connect with your inner self as you go along. The main point is to slow down your thoughts, deepen your breathing and allow yourself to sink into a more peaceful state of being.

Another good practice is to see other people and the world around you through spiritual eyes. As you go about your daily activities, direct loving and compassionate thoughts toward everyone you encounter. Imagine that the love you feel in your heart radiates out and touches them on a spiritual level. You can pray for those in need, or focus healing thoughts toward those who seem to be having a rough day.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, but they may give you some good ideas to use in your own life. Just remember, your spirit is with you all the time (your spirit IS you, if we want to get technical). No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can easily make spirituality a large part of your daily life just by tuning in and connecting with your spiritual center.

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