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How To Embark On A Spiritual Journey

When you think of a spiritual journey, what do you envision? A monk in a monastery? A nun in a convent? A shaman or medicine person from an ancient tribe? These individuals are certainly on spiritual journeys - but when you really think about it, we all are.

A spiritual journey doesn’t have to mean giving away your worldly possessions and leaving your current life to give your full attention to spiritual matters. Rather, a spiritual journey can mean consciously striving to learn, grow and develop your spiritual self – even while in the context of your life as it is today.

The benefits of undertaking a spiritual journey are too numerous to list, but for starters how about deeper peace, greater inspiration and a life that is enriched and meaningful? Embarking on a spiritual journey can transform a mundane existence into a powerful one, or deepen the joy and satisfaction of a life that is already enjoyable.

If you’ve been feeling aimless, disconnected or just plain “blah” about your life up to this point, a spiritual journey may be what your spirit craves. But where do you start?

In my experience, the best place to start is within yourself. Take a few minutes to jot down some ideas for what you’d like to add to your life, and what you’d like to gain from a spiritual journey.

Would you like to experience a deeper sense of inner peace each day? Do you crave a higher purpose for your life? Do you yearn for a sense of connection with something larger than yourself? Or would you simply like to feel like your life has deeper meaning?

No matter what your specific goals are, all spiritual journeys begin with one step: Asking for guidance.

Whether you already believe in a higher power or you just want to see if “Anyone” is there, set aside a few minutes to quiet your mind and ask for guidance. It doesn’t matter if you pray to a specific concept of God or Universe or Divine Love – choose a concept that you feel most comfortable with and start there. Explain your objectives and ask to be guided to the right path for you.

Don’t expect bells or whistles or thundering in the heavens to happen right away. Most often your guidance will appear within a few days, but could happen as quickly as a few minutes later.

What will the guidance be, exactly? That’s hard to say because it varies for everyone. Most likely you’ll feel a tug in a certain direction. It might be a specific book that seems to jump off the shelf while you’re browsing in your local bookstore. You might stumble across a web site that seems to draw you in for a closer look. You might see an advertisement for a spiritual class and feel compelled to attend. Or you could meet someone new who will end up leading you to your next path of learning.

However the guidance appears, follow it. Most likely you’ll feel a resonance happening, an inner tug or nudge or longing to do something specific. That one nudge won’t be the end of it either! Once you embark on a spiritual journey, the learning just keeps coming. You’ll find yourself being led from one thing to the next to the next - each of them helping you to grow and learn and develop your spiritual self.

If you feel an aversion to asking for guidance from a higher power, allow your own higher self to lead you instead. The process would be the same as described above, only you would direct your request for guidance to your own spirit, and then be on the lookout for a nudge in a certain direction.

Remember that a spiritual journey is nothing more than a process of growth and development. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and there is no timeline in which you have to complete your studies. Take your time and enjoy the process, and you will gain much more from it.

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