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How Can I Live a Sacred Life?

Sacredness usually refers to something that is revered or worshipped, but it can also refer to a state of being or living. Would you consider your life to be sacred? Of course, the fact that you are alive is probably sacred to you, but Iím referring more to your every waking moment. Do you live with reverence and awareness, or do you rush around blindly day after day, missing out on many of the beautiful moments of your life?

With all of our modern conveniences and gadgets, itís easy to get stuck in a state of ďbusynessĒ and forget all about sacredness. However, embracing this gentle state of being and making it a part of your everyday life can soothe even the most persistent stress and chaos, while infusing each moment with spiritual power and meaning.

Below youíll find three simple ways to turn your life into a sacred journey:

1. Pause.

If you spend the majority of your time in overdrive, itís no wonder you canít sense the sacredness in your life. You keep blowing right past it! Instead, get into the habit of pausing periodically throughout your day. During this pause (which can be as short as a few seconds), take a moment to breathe, let go of stress, and connect with your spirit.

2. Awaken.

Do you ever feel like youíre living much of your life in a heavy fog? You may feel scattered, stressed, confused or disconnected. This is a sign that you are living your life on autopilot. Autopilot can be helpful at times, but in order to embrace a deeper experience of sacredness in your life youíll need to awaken your awareness of spirit. You can do this during the pauses mentioned above, or make it a complete exercise all its own. Simply stop whatever youíre doing several times throughout the day and expand your awareness. Become aware of yourself as a spiritual being living in a physical body, and the people around you doing the same. Become aware of the world and universe around you, and your place in them Ė keeping in mind that this is a magnificent journey you are experiencing!

3. Enjoy.

While youíre pausing and awakening, also be sure to take time to enjoy everything you do, see and experience. Rather than gulping down your coffee in the morning, sip it slowly and savor the taste. Rather than fuming as you sit in a traffic jam on the freeway, gaze up at the clouds and marvel at their beauty. When you embrace your spouse, make it a full mental and spiritual experience rather than just using your arms. Fall into the embrace and immerse yourself in the sensation of being connected and loved by another.

If you do these three things on a regular basis, your entire life will seem to shift in dramatic ways. The world around you will suddenly seem softer, quieter and more beautiful. The people you encounter each day will seem kinder and more respectful, and your life will become serene, spiritual and meaningful.

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