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Do I Really Need Nutritional Supplements?

If I were to open your medicine cabinet, I bet Id find bottles of vitamins, supplements, and other nutritional enhancers, all aimed to create and maintain health. If not, then youre in the minority. Along with the rise of nutritional education in America, many of us use capsules, powders, drinks and other products to supplement our poor diets that result from too little time or money. The fact is however, that most of us get enough of what our bodies require through food. Supplementation is important when necessary, but can be toxic and damaging if not carefully monitored. Our bodies are surprisingly effective in using the fuel we feed it, despite what the vitamin companies report.

There are several reasons for which supplementing is important. This includes during pregnancy and recovery from an illness or surgery. At such times, our bodies are in need of extra nutrients such as protein and vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin C. In some cases, a person may need lifelong supplementation in order to keep their body systems working properly. Severe malnutrition can result from certain gastrointestinal disorders, and those with sections of bowel removed are most at risk. This includes those who have undergone a gastric bypass surgery for weight loss.

For most of us, a simple once-a-day multivitamin in addition to a well-balanced diet that includes all food groups is sufficient. Some believe that mega-doses of Vitamin C (up to 3,000 milligrams a day) are beneficial, but the medical community is still divided. The same goes with the high-protein fad. And remember, certain vitamins are toxic, even deadly, when taken in high doses. Your best bet is to eat a variety of foods each day, remain within the Recommended Daily Allowances for nutrients, and supplement only when necessary.

That takes care of the bodily requirements for most people, but you may also want to consider how often you make your spiritual nourishment a priority. Sadly, most of us are so busy each day that we end up shoving our spiritual wellness onto the back burner because it seems less important than our physical needs but is that really true?

There are clear connections between spiritual and physical wellness, and both seem to have a powerful effect on each other. Spiritual emptiness or disconnection can often trigger physical illness, and physical pain and illness can also leave one feeling spiritually disconnected. Mental well-being is also closely tied in with spiritual and physical wellness, especially when you consider the powerful influence our thoughts have on our overall quality of life.

For total harmony, we need to consistently provide nourishment for body, mind and spirit. None are more important than the others. As already described, nourishing the body is easy, but how do we nourish our minds and spirits on a regular basis? How do we make time in our already-overloaded schedules for activities that will boost our mental and spiritual well-being?

Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to start:

Mental nourishment is as easy as feeding your mind with positive, empowering thoughts throughout the day. Build yourself and others up by thinking and speaking positively. Start expecting great things to happen to you. Eventually, this positive mind-set will become a habit and have a beneficial effect on your physical and spiritual well-being too.

Nourishing your spirit can be as simple as sitting quietly in meditation for five or ten minutes a day. Simply find a quiet place to be alone, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on releasing all tension from your body and all worries from your mind, and just be. Within a few days you should notice that you feel calmer, clearheaded, centered and balanced from within, and the benefits will continue to accumulate the longer you stick with the practice.

Nourish your body, nourish your mind, nourish your spirit and the result is a whole, happy, balanced you.

Nourishing Affirmation:
My well-being and happiness is my top priority.
I give myself permission to be loved and nourished on all levels.

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