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How To Strengthen Your Sense Of Interconnectedness (The Power of Oneness)

Do you think of yourself as an individual, separate from everyone around you? Most people in our modern world do have that perception. However, centuries old spiritual texts from many cultures tell a different story; and quantum physics is beginning to confirm the same truth: that we are all interconnected, with each other and the universe around us.

If this is indeed true, how come we canít see it? Why do we appear to be separate beings? The answer lies in our perception of who we are.

On a physical level, we do indeed appear to be individuals. Our bodies are not tied to other bodies; we can move around freely by ourselves. However, thatís not the end of us, is it? Besides having physical bodies, we are also spiritual beings; we are composed of the same energy that makes up the universe and everything else in it.

The good news is that you can strengthen your sense of interconnectedness by simply shifting your focus! Below youíll find a few quick and easy tips for doing so:

1. Emphasize your similarities.

Most of us are used to focusing on the ways weíre different from others, but we are usually much more alike than we think! Get into the habit of noticing and emphasizing the similarities you share with others. This is especially helpful when you feel intimidated or offended by someone that seems very different than you.

2. Appreciate your differences.

Even though weíre similar in a lot of ways, we definitely do have our differences. Weíve all been raised in different cultures, ethnic groups, regions and with differing belief systems. Does that mean we canít connect? Absolutely not! Start appreciating the unique qualities of others, and donít be afraid to share your own.

3. Put yourself in their shoes.

Empathy is a powerful way to feel connected with other people. With every person you encounter, ask yourself what it must be like to be that person. What unique challenges do they face? What are their hopes and dreams? Who are they really? The more you focus on these things, you more youíll find yourself feeling connected on a deeper level.

4. Strengthen your compassion.

Too often we make snap judgments about people without taking the time to consider whatís happening in their lives. We see a homeless person begging for money and we assume, ďlazy, dysfunctional, dangerous, freeloading,Ē and probably even less flattering terms. But we really donít know that personís unique circumstances, whether he/she has a mental illness or severe emotional trauma Ė we just donít know. Judgments will always keep you feeling distanced from others, so make a point of feeling compassionate for those you donít understand. Remind yourself that they are worthy of love and compassion no matter how they appear on the outside.

5. Remember the looking glass.

Many people believe that everything we see or experience is actually a reflection of some facet of ourselves. When we encounter rude people, we are being shown how we can also be rude at times. When we witness intolerance, the universe is reflecting our own intolerant attitude back to us. Use this insight to better understand yourself and others you meet. When you encounter someone that makes you feel angry or disgusted, explore that feeling and see if you can find the little piece of you that isnít so different from them.

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