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Your Dreams and How To Interpret Them

Have you ever had a dream that scared or confused you? Perhaps you dreamed of a terrible accident, death of a loved one, or even a natural disaster and awoke with your heart pounding, wondering if the dream was supposed to be a premonition or message of some kind?

Have you ever had a dream that was so bizarre that you woke up laughing and wondering why on earth you would dream something so crazy?

The language of dreams can be vague and confusing at times, mostly because our dreams are largely symbolic. Rarely are dreams literal premonitions or warnings. More often, they are our subconscious mindsí way of conveying an insight or message.

The problem is that these messages are cloaked in symbolism that we may or may not understand. There are many dream interpretation books on the market today that can help to a certain degree, but the majority of them are quite generalized and may not pertain to everyone.

The good news is that deciphering the symbols in your dreams is not a difficult thing to do once you begin to explore the language of symbols, and more specifically, what the symbols mean to YOU.

There are two main things to consider when interpreting the symbols in your dreams:

1) What the events can symbolize on a deeper level.

Just because you dream about an accident or disaster doesnít mean there will be a corresponding event in real life. More often than not, these dream events portray a deeper meaning.

For example, you may dream that the brakes on your car fail while you are driving down a steep hill. While this may seem to be a warning, more likely the out-of-control car would represent a feeling of being out of control of something else. After you awaken from a dream like this, think about how the symbols might apply to other situations in your life. Vehicles in dreams often represent movement, progress and travel. Are you experiencing rapid progress in certain areas of your life and feeling nervous about it? Are you getting involved in something that doesnít feel right to you? Think about the concept of being unable to stop or control something, and see if it applies to another area of your life.

Another common dream is the death of a loved one, or at least seeing them seriously injured or ill. As frightening as these dreams can be, think about what the person represents in your life. For example, your husband might represent security, companionship or intimacy. Your children might represent unconditional love, nurturing or trust. Are you feeling a loss of any of these things in your life? Are you concerned about the safety or happiness of your loved ones? What you see in the dream may not be what youíre REALLY dreaming about.

Also important to note is the popular notion that all of the people in your dream actually represent an aspect of YOU. This may or may not hold true for your dreams, but itís important to consider when interpreting them. If you dream that something awful happens to someone you love, consider whether that person might be standing in for some part of yourself.

2) How you feel about the events.

Another big clue in dreams are your feelings while the events are happening. For example, using the out-of-control car dream above, how would the dream change if instead of being frightened you were exhilarated? Such a dream might be a message that you need to let go and stop trying to control everything. Sometimes the feelings you experience during a dream can be the biggest help in interpreting it.

In the end, the more you work on remembering and interpreting your dreams the better you will be able to discern the deeper meaning they hold for you. Your dreams can serve as wonderful tools for spiritual growth and development. But like any tools, learning how to use them properly will make them much more effective.

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