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The Dark Side Of Your Spiritual Transformation

For the most part, spiritual growth is a positive, life-enriching process, but there can also be a darker side that is rarely talked about in spiritual circles: the necessity of endings to make way for new beginnings. As with any type of transformation, certain elements or situations must fall away in order to make room for the rebirth of something better.

In the context of spiritual transformation, a person may find themselves experiencing upheavals and crises that threaten to derail their spiritual journey. Relationships may end, jobs may be lost, or even major health issues may arise in response to a new spiritual awakening. Some of these changes can be violent and traumatic, shaking the very core of the person experiencing them, while others may merely inspire aggravation and stress.

If you are just beginning your spiritual growth journey and are unprepared for the changes your inner transformation may trigger, they can wreak havoc in your life and make you think youíre losing your mind.

On the other hand, exploring the process of transformation more closely can help you understand what is happening in your life and prepare you for a smoother transition.

The transformation process is portrayed perfectly by one well-known example: the Death card in Tarot. Despite its frightening appearance, the Death card rarely portends actual physical death. Rather, it is a symbol for the cycle of death and rebirth that governs all of life. Before new beginnings can take place, the death of the old must first be endured. The most powerful message of the Death card is that these changes are always for our highest good, no matter how painful they may be as we move through them.

Sometimes endings can be a freeing experience, such as releasing traumatic memories from the past in order to move forward into a more fruitful phase of life. Or sometimes they can be painful, such as the termination of destructive relationships that nonetheless were comforting in some ways.

As unsettling as this process may sound, the most important aspect of it is not the endings themselves but rather how you handle them. If you can see these endings as a necessary purging of situations and conditions that are limiting your ability to grow and reach your fullest spiritual potential, you will more easily be able to let them go.

Also important is the willingness to believe that by releasing these situations from your life, you are inviting better circumstances to take their place.

As with all pain and uncertainty, resisting the process only makes it more intense. If you instead embrace the process and allow yourself to grieve fully and deeply for the old circumstances while discerning the deeper meaning these experiences hold for you, you will move more rapidly through them and come out the other side feeling reborn.

There is no question that a spiritual transformation can be scary and painful at times, but itís important to understand that the true gift is not your ability to make it through the challenges but who you become by taking the journey in the first place.

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