How Do I Write The Best Resume? (Viewed 2636 times)
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What is your #1 tip for writing a resume that gets looked at and lands me a job? I don't know what I am doing wrong.
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Re: How Do I Write The Best Resume?
Reply #1 Posted on July 11, 2016

Wherever possible on your resume, you'll not only want to list your duties, but specific numbers and figures as well. Employers expect specifics.

Boring Resume = No Job

They want to hire employees that GET RESULTS or SAVE THEM MONEY.

For instance, which of these two statements sound more professional if you were the recruiter reading resumes:

I placed orders to restock merchandise.
I placed $100,000 worth of orders per month & coordinated with 10 separate manufacturers to restock merchandise.

- - - - -

I hired and trained staff.
I hired and trained 100 new staff members per year for 5 years. Also created an employee handbook now used by the company.

- - - - -

I hired and trained staff.
I hired and trained staff using techniques I developed which saved the company $1,000 per year per new employee.

- - - - -

I provided customer service in a fast-paced atmosphere.
I successfully managed 100 customer service calls totaling $50,000 per day gross revenue in a fast-paced atmosphere.

- - - - -

I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
I am proficient with Microsoft Word – including merging lists, mailings, and creating macros. I am proficient with Microsoft Excel – developed a profit/loss spreadsheet which company executives use for up to the minute financials, future spending and budgeting a $10 million project. I am proficient with Microsoft Powerpoint – including creating presentations that are used for corporate stockholders meetings and financial presentations.

The single most important thing I can teach you is to SHOW RESULTS on your resume. If you don't, someone else will show results. They will get the job. You won't!

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