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Who Are You? How To Make Sense Of Your Personal Identity.

"Who the heck am I?"

"I don't know who is in this head of mine."

"Got an important question for you. How do I know who I really am?"

"Everyone else knows who they are but me. Help!"

It’s an age old question, really.

“Who are you?”

If you have ever spent any time thinking deeply about who you really are, you’ve probably painted a scattered, confusing picture of yourself.

Who you are - your identity - is a powerful force in your life and speaks volumes to others who come into contact with you. Your identity plays an important role in the decisions you make and the relationships you have.

Who you are also strengthens the connections between your mind, body, and behaviors. As well, it’ll you where you are in life as well as where you’re headed.
Below are the basic elements of your personal identity. There is no wrong answer to these questions. They will simply allow you to form a more cohesive picture of who you really are.

What is your personal family history?

Where you were raised, who you grew up with, and the experiences you had as you matured from an infant all the way through your early adult years are powerful factors affecting the development of your personal identity.

  • Consider sayings like, "You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl" and their implications. So where you've come from plays a major role in who you are.
  • However, your history doesn't have to be the end of the story when it comes to your present identity. An encouraging thing about life is that you can take steps to be the person you want to be at any time.


Who do you hang out with?

Much of who you are today can be attributed to the people you most closely affiliate with. Your friends probably share interests in the same kinds of things you find fascinating.

  • Perhaps several of your friends play golf and so do you. You're into fitness and a bit of a health nut as are a few of your best buddies. Even though you may associate the idea of "cliques" with your teen years, it's still true that we gravitate towards people who share similarities to ourselves.
  • You can be selective about the people you choose to hang out with. If you want to be studious, you can look for others who spend time in libraries and taking classes. If you want to be successful, choose to hang out with people you view as good at their work and successful in life.


How would you describe your physical appearance?

Your clothes, hairstyle, and how you conduct yourself physically combine to make up an important aspect of your personal identity. Although your appearance isn't the only thing that's relevant about who you are, the fact is that your physical state provides people with a picture of who you are.


What do you believe to be true about yourself?

Your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about you. Your self-image is made up of how you feel about yourself as an individual. Also, what you believe to be true about yourself is a powerful force in determining your personal identity.

  • For example, if you believe you're an overweight, unattractive person, then you might unconsciously portray those characteristics toward others.
  • But if you see yourself as someone who's working hard to excel in her career and willing to give something to get something, you present a more positive identity to others.
  • What you feel, think, and believe about yourself are major aspects of your overall identity.


Do yourself a favor and make sure to think more deeply about who you are. It can and will tell you a lot about where you are now and where you are going in life.

Recognize and understand that your personal identity is a complex mix of your history, affiliations, and thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

How you appear in the eyes of others is also representative of your personal identity.

If you don’t like what you see in yourself, or see need for personal growth, now is the best time to start. You have the strength and ability to influence the type of identity you possess and show to others.

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