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How To Show Kindness To Others Every Day

Your daily mantra:

“I perform random acts of kindness each day.”

I have many opportunities throughout each day to do things for others. I am compelled to perform good works that benefit others because of my blessed life.

“My gratitude for my own existence overflows. Doing random acts of kindness is a wonderful way for me to express my thanks.”

Although it is easy to take my family members for granted, I always try to do kind things for my loved ones. I help my partner carry the groceries. I chip in to help with the yard work. I take 30 minutes to spend time with each of my kids in the evening, to have fun and do whatever they choose.

When I am at work, I do random acts of kindness as well. I offer to finish up the typing of a report for a co-worker who is swamped. Sometimes, I leave extra change in the soda machine so the next person receives a free beverage.

I enjoy being kind throughout my community. Meeting new people or simply dropping in to visit friends gives me chances to be kind to others.

I find myself feeling happier and more at ease when I perform random acts of kindness. Life is wonderful and I endeavor to share those feelings with others around me.

Today, my plan is to carry out at least 3 random acts of kindness. I want to be in a frame of mind where I am consistently thinking of others and doing kind things for them.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. How often do I perform random acts of kindness?
  2. What are some activities I could do that would serve as acts of kindness?
  3. How can I ensure that my kind acts are daily events?


What People Are Saying:

  • "Is there some simple way to be more kind (and patient)?"
  • "I want to do more for people!"
  • "I'm told that I need to be nicer to people."
  • "I think I'm a kind person, but my friends say no way."


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