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How To Live A Life Of Generosity & Kindness

Your daily mantra:

“I contribute to the lives of others each day.”

An important aspect of my daily life is making efforts to give something of personal or emotional value to others. Contributing in this way enriches my own existence, too.

I am filled with feelings of faith, hope, and confidence when I make another life better, even if in just a small way.

“I keep my eyes and mind open to different ways I can give, and recognize that possibilities are present each day.”

Regardless of where I am or what I am doing, I have opportunities to react in ways that show kindness, caring, and genuine helpfulness to the world. It is important to me to live a life of generosity, consideration, and humanity.

I enjoy a rich, meaningful life because I give to others.

My actions may be as simple as opening a door for someone whose hands are full. Other times, I volunteer my time to assist someone in completing a task they find difficult or time-consuming. Sometimes, I donate money to a cause or charity.

Today, I am open to new opportunities to give to others. Feelings of pride and hope lift me up because I know I can help someone today and enrich their life as well as my own.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. How important is it for me to contribute to someone else’s life today?
  2. When was the last time I gave freely to a person or cause? 
  3. What prevents me from giving to others? What will I do to change this?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How can I be kinder in my daily life?"
  • "I'm looking for a more rich, meaningful life."
  • "What are some simple ways to make other people's lives better?"
  • "I enjoy helping people. How can I make a difference?"


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