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How To Decide What You Want To Do With Your Life

"I am 40 and have no idea what I want to do with myself."

"Help! I have no direction in life and no clue either."

"I need some hand holding to help me find a direction in life."

"I feel 10 steps behind everyone else in knowing what I want to be."

Do you feel as though you’re stuck in the same place in life and not moving in the right direction, or any direction whatsoever?

Wouldn’t you love to get a handle on your aspirations in life and begin to achieve them?

Use these eight strategies to help you figure out what you want to do with your life.

Jot down your life goals.

Write down your goals and your progress toward each one. What are you doing to accomplish them?

  • Revisit your list of goals from time to time. Perhaps you've had particular goals that you no longer care to work toward. If so, it's acceptable to take those no-longer-desired goals off the list.

What are your life goals?


Next, list 5 activities that you thoroughly enjoy doing.

Reflect on activities that totally ignite your passion. Determine how you can incorporate these things you love to do into your current life goals.

  • If you struggle to connect a cherished activity with any of your actual goals already listed, still include that beloved activity on the list.
  • These ideas might trigger you to come up with your own list: working with new people, writing assessment reports, performing internet research, setting up meetings, creating weekly sales goals, and doing some outdoor activity.

What do you like to do?


Spend at least 20 minutes thinking about each of your life goals.

Ponder how you can include working toward each goal in an average week. Imagine how you might incorporate some of your favored activities into your job.

  • Allow yourself to consider the options of doing what you actually want to do to achieve your life goals, instead of what you feel you "have" to do.
  • Once you discover what you want to do in life and start moving in that direction, you can achieve success.

How will you reach your life goals?


Which activities do you already possess the necessary supplies for?

Place a checkmark by them. You'll know you're ready to get started on those things right away.

  • For example, if you absolutely love painting with oil paints and you have everything you require to start painting now, check it off.


Make time now for things you're passionate about.

Take out your calendar and block off time this week to start achieving goals and doing the activities you check-marked.

  • Maybe you can reserve two hours on Thursday night to research on the internet a subject you want to know more about or to get a step closer to a life goal.

How much time will you allocate?


Review the activities on your list that lack checkmarks.

Figure out now how much money or time it will take to get to the point where you'll have all the needed supplies and can take part in each of the activities or work toward that goal.

  • Project a date you feel you can be ready to start taking part in the activity.

What dates have you got in mind?


Establish mini-steps to achieve an overall larger or complex goal.

If your capacity to accomplish a goal depends on a career change, what steps can you take now to accomplish the goal of getting such a job? Write them out and then insert those steps into your calendar.

What are your mini-steps?


Do something today.

Work toward what you want in life in some way each day. Make quick notes in your calendar to document what you did today to enjoy life and get closer to your goals.

What are you going to do today?


Rediscover your passion for life by figuring out what you truly want to do.

Then, do whatever it takes. Your life’s goals are right there, so grab them!

Start now. No excuses!

What are you waiting for?

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