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How To Be The Happiest Person Alive

"I feel miserable. How can I possibly be happy?"

"How do I get out of my bad mood and feel happier?"

"I feel like I need a miracle to be happier. Help me!"

"I'm an absolute mess. How do I dig myself out of it and feel a sense of joy and happiness?"

If there’s one thing that many wise people throughout history have realized, it's that life has a very twisted sense of humor.

Why else would happiness be something that almost everyone wants and covets, yet only few ever realize in their lifetimes?

Along those lines, another bad joke that life plays on all of us is that happiness is often achieved by those who stop seeking it out.

What’s up with that?! It sounds counterintuitive at first, however as I explain some of the common beliefs happy people share, it will become readily apparent how those who don't seek happiness are the most likely to find it!

Use these 3 simple, overlooked strategies of happy folk to help bring more happiness into your life, starting today:

Foster an attitude of appreciation.

It's possible that you take certain aspects of your life for granted. This could include anything from having a car, shelter, food to eat and many other aspects of your lifestyle that a majority of the people on this planet could only dream of.

  • For one reason or another, people who are happy, seem to be content and appreciate of whatever they have.
  • The mindset in which you take nothing for granted will usually require no more than a shift in attitude. You won't have to change anything about your external circumstances.
  • To remind yourself to be appreciative, make it a point to reflect on everything that you're thankful for once a day. Doing this as you fall asleep each night helps to brush your cares away as you fall into restful slumber, preparing the way for a great day tomorrow.

What do you have to appreciate?


Be realistic about achieving goals.

Expecting success overnight, unless you have just won the lottery, is a sure recipe for disappointment. Happy people are realistic and pragmatic when it comes to setting and achieving their goals.

  • They understand exactly how much time and effort may be required to achieve a goal, and if they ever fall short, they'll put in the necessary additional work required to reach their goal.

  • People who are always happy are also aware of the fact that, just because they are putting in all of the necessary work to achieve their goal, there is no guarantee that their goal will ever be reached.

  • This may sound pessimistic, however, this is merely to state that they are aware of the possibility that external factors outside of their control could easily change outcomes. Being aware of this can help lessen the blow when unforeseen circumstances arise.

What are your goals? Are they achievable and realistic?


Put others first.

Achieving happiness can sometimes be the opposite of what you might think. You may be wondering how you can bring yourself closer towards achieving happiness if you put others first.

  • Putting other people first automatically requires you to have a more humble and appreciative outlook on life. In addition to this, making others happy will invariably bring more happiness into your own life.

How selfless are you?


If you take some time to begin integrating the above approaches into your daily living, you'll find that happiness has always been just around the corner – waiting for you to discover it.

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