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How Simple Pleasures In Life Can Bring You Joy

Your daily mantra:

“Simple pleasures bring me awesome joy.”

I like the simple things in life! I can always find joy in life's simple pleasures. The less complicated my life is, the happier I feel every day.

I get pleasure from waking up and seeing the sun each morning. It reminds me that I have lived to see another day. I anticipate receiving new blessings whenever I awake from a slumber. Seeing another new day makes me happy.

Having the ability to listen to my favorite CD at the end of the day is precious. It completely relaxes me and brings me peace.

“I see that I can still have genuine joy by having uncomplicated experiences. I need very little to make my life wonderful.”

Being debt free is truly liberating. I rejoice at no longer having to worry about interest rates. Achieving financial freedom is one of life's incomparable simple pleasures.

I deserve to treat myself to something nice. I accept that things can be nice without being expensive. An edible treat or a new pair of shoes are some of the simple things that make my day complete. These simplicities make my days worth experiencing.

Today, I recognize that simple can be awesome. I see that I can still have genuine joy by having uncomplicated experiences. I need very little to make my life wonderful. I appreciate my ability to find true joy in places where it is least expected.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. Do I encourage my kids to make wonderful moments out of simple experiences?
  2. Are there simple activities I could suggest for my family to participate in?
  3. Do I gracefully accept extravagant pleasures?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How can simple pleasures give me joy? Share an example."
  • "I am looking for more joy and happiness in my life. Help!"
  • "What kind of simple things can bring me more happiness?"
  • "I'm so aggravated and tired on a daily basis. I am looking for some simple ways to bring a smile to my face."


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