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Learn how to turn that habit of being super lazy on its head. Create a plan and follow these ten tips. You’ll start to see progress right off the bat.
01/30/2014 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to put the remote down, get off the couch, and do something you've never done before. Start living your life today.
10/10/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to accomplish more in the morning, and the rest of your day will dramatically improve, as will your motivation to continue.
09/25/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to wake up each morning and tell yourself that you are worth every ounce of success that comes your way.
09/18/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to stop living an uninspired life and start living a life full of happiness, motivation and determination. I know you can do it!
08/06/2013 · From JeffCohen