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Learn how to rediscover your inner power. When you realize that you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself, you’ll regain the control over the life that you thought you’d lost.
02/27/2014 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to bring peace, joy, calm and better health into their life. Understand the point, purpose and benefit of meditating today.
12/05/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to meditate to open up new dimensions and opportunities in your life as well as bring you a sense of fulfillment.
11/21/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to follow these seven highly effective habits will make your life calmer and more serene.
10/23/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn these fifteen techniques to free your body and mind. You’ll then develop a more stable sense of peace that will carry over into your daily life.
10/16/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to train yourself to react peacefully and calmly to unpleasant feelings & emotions. No pills are necessary.
10/03/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to stop and take a mental vacation. These three meditations on the sea are an effective way to relax and see your life in a whole new light.
09/25/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to all four of these strategies to build a foundation of spiritual wellness.
09/18/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to let go of your stress and frustration. After a long day with challenges left and right, you deserve to relax, chill-out and be happy.
09/11/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to separate how you feel about something from your inner calmness and peace. The minute you start letting emotions take constant hold of your soul, life suddenly becomes a chaotic mess.
09/05/2013 · From JeffCohen