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Learn how to take action and bring balance, harmony and happiness into your life. Enjoy all it has to offer you. Feel more energized, less stressed and on top of the world.
11/13/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to take action, plan your time and make your life as incredibly fun and exciting as you can. Stop sitting on your butt and letting life pass you by.
10/30/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to start your day preparing to have a good one and watch it blossom just as you do. Simply follow these four steps to have a super terrific day.
10/10/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn 13 benefits of laughter and how it can help your mood, health, friendships, creativity and even desirability.
10/01/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to wake up in the morning and have a great day. Yes, it's possible!
08/06/2013 · From JeffCohen
Use the following 4 strategies to fix your unsatisfying life right now.
06/28/2013 · From JeffCohen
Use the following 3 strategies to bring more happiness into your life, starting today.
05/04/2013 · From JeffCohen
The benefits of being happy are immeasurable. Happiness permeates your very soul and will envelop everyone you come into contact with.
03/20/2013 · From JeffCohen
Are you bored to tears and totally unproductive? Do you go to sleep each night feeling unfulfilled? Learn how to wake up, shake things up, and feel some passion again. Here's how to make your life more exciting.
03/16/2013 · From JeffCohen