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Learn what protein-sparing modified fasting is and how it can help you to quickly lose the weight you want. The protein-sparing modified fasting diet is highly effective.
11/13/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to make these simple changes and you'll find yourself more in control of what, where, when and how you eat. Prevent overeating and start now.
11/06/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to navigate around your supermarket wisely and you’ll find that you will lose weight and feel MUCH healthier.
10/30/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to lose weight even when the scale stops moving downwards and you're stuck. The simplest things are often overlooked.
10/23/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to choose your carbs wisely. Carbohydrates are a delicious and essential part of your diet, but not all of them.
10/16/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to eat less, feel healthier, stick to your diet and lose weight even with co-workers making it tough for you to achieve success.
10/10/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to slim down and get toned the right way. Once you are able to make these four dietary changes, you are on your way to a brand new, slimmer look.
10/10/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to make these small changes to your diet and lifestyle and watch the weight drop off. These fifteen tricks are easy to implement.
10/03/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn why eliminating the fat talk will help you find more happiness in life, and you will quickly discover that sharing it with others brings joy to their lives as well.
09/25/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to become more mindful of the food you eat, so you find that you love lingering over your meals, rather than scarfing it all down as fast as you can.
09/18/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how to follow 10 simple tips and start to lose weight fast. It's difficult if you stick to it.
08/21/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn what juice fasting is and how to cleanse & rejuvenate your body so you feel healthier inside and out.
08/14/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn how much protein your body actually needs and which are the best sources of protein you can consume.
08/14/2013 · From JeffCohen
Learn which foods and snacks are the absolute worst for you whether you are on a diet or not. Just stay away from them or eat in moderation if you must.
08/06/2013 · From JeffCohen
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