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What is a Learning Disability?

Disabilities such as blindness or paralysis are not related, nor are they like a learning disability. Learning disabilities are unseen, generally not known about until it really affects the patient’s way of life or function. This is a handicap that to many, is hidden and many would not know there was a handicap at all. A learning disability is where some one has a difficult time processing information and the links that relate to specific brain patterns are interrupted. The interruptions in these links result in limitations. These can range from mild to even serious and impede the developmental curve when it comes to speech, or reading and writing, as well as math equations.

L.D. or learning disabilities can run the entire course of someone’s life. These disorders affect many aspects of their daily regime. This is not solely restricted to merely work or school. It can affect home lives, friendships, and family lives. The degree of the disability is dependent on the individual and their certain unique circumstances. Many people have multiple symptoms of learning disabilities, some just have one isolated condition, and it can have a mere minimal impact on their lives. For someone who does not have a learning disability, they could only speculate what it would be like to have something to say, or something to do however, no way of doing it properly. Not being able to express yourself is exactly what these people go through when they have a learning disability.

It would almost be like a midway where all the sights and sounds would be overwhelming and confusing. Trying to solve perhaps even the most simple of problems, be it at school or otherwise could really be a chore, if even accomplished at all. It is really not that hard to imagine what it would be like to have a learning disorder. Many times in your life you may have faced moments of extreme confusion and/or memory lapse. This is basically what someone with this disorder goes through.

Perhaps as a kid you were told you had a common form of learning disorder called dyslexia. This disorder is where you can see the words or numbers, yet when you need to relate them to paper, they can end up being reversed. This disorder is very common. It is not uncommon for someone who lives with a person diagnosed with a learning disorder to become very frustrated. It manages to confuse the individual that has to go through it with them. You can expect someone whom has a learning disability to meet several academic disappointments, and failures.

It is very important to remember that it is not impossible for a person with a learning disability to learn. They can learn and with today’s new advancements in medicine and programs to deal with these conditions, it makes it that much more promising. The child’s development is only affected in a limited capacity, and never really impedes the common happiness that can be obtained in life. With all the medical advances these days in this field, the means to correct this disability are advancing very quickly. As one would assume, when trying to determine exactly the extent of the disability, a slue of tests will be performed and from that they can better determine what course of action that should be approached first. Often regulating an administered drug so as to slow the patient down a touch, at least enough as not to make them a zombie, but enough to set them in a position to concentrate on the task at hand. There are many sources that may help, such as special education teachers, doctors, and in some cases mental health professionals.

The method that many doctors will approach is for the patient to first accept and acknowledge that they have this problem, and then they must learn to cope with it in a daily environment. To determine learning disabilities is not the same as diagnosing an illness such as measles or the flu. Each case is different. As a result, many tests must be performed. This will determine exactly what kind of disability may be present, and the best course of action to treat it. Be patient with the party that is afflicted with a learning disability.

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