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Determining The Cause of a Learning Disability
Can Be Hard

One of the most difficult tasks in the world of learning disabilities is the reason it happens in the first place. Determining exactly what causes them can be a very daunting chore to say the least. Considering the fact the learning disabilities are extremely complex and have yet to be fully understood, the causes could be as vast as the amount of disabilities themselves.

The level of schooling does not dictate the level of the disability. The handicap that the child has is not treated according to the level of successful schooling. This means that a child that enters the education system either has a disability, already or they do not. Education, or the lack of understanding in the classroom, does not make a disability. Many children will have a problem with early reading, that will progress to intermediate, and finally on up to advanced reading. This is a condition, not a reason for poor school performance. The same can be said about computation. The flow of computation will progress from early to advanced with minimal understanding. The difference between irrelevant and relevant subject material and lessons becomes a large mound of vastness for someone with a learning disability. It is now apparent that there are great differences on the brain structure of someone with a learning disability, opposed to someone without. The causes of this irregular brain structure can vary; as well they could be due to many different factors within the individual themselves.

It is said that learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia could easily be caused by hereditary factors. This would make learning disabilities more of a genetic problem rather than just some random issue. It also is thought that there may be a teratogenetic relation to learning disabilities. This would or could imply that one or both of the parents have ingested a particular substance or been in direct contact for prolonged periods of time. If the mother consumed large quantities of alcohol throughout her pregnancy, this in turn could result in fetal alcohol syndrome. This could easily translate into a very serious case of mental retardation, or as mild forms of learning disabilities. The same can be said for the ingestion of drugs such as cocaine. This would undoubtedly induce worse cases of a leaning disability, as cocaine carries a much harder effect on the fetus. Sometimes the close contact with substances such as lead will have the very same condition and can relate to a learning condition in the end.

Many times the conversation of medical issues at birth have been under debate, with regards to learning disabilities. The notion is that perhaps premature birth can have a close tie with learning disabilities is the subject of much scrutiny. Also mentioned are the possibilities of diabetes in addition to meningitis causing problems. Both can play a role in the stemming of a learning disability. This idea however, is constantly under research and review. Other factors that have been discussed in regards to learning disabilities include environmental issues, with the likes of poor prenatal health care during pregnancy, where the mother just does not follow the prenatal specialists requests and or outlined regime. This in turn will undoubtedly put much strain on a fetus, which in turn could impede the development and growth while in the womb. More issues are brought to light as the researchers find that many women do not actually eat appropriately during any of the trimesters. This can hamper the progression development stages of the fetus growing inside her womb. This would basically translate into malnutrition and any way you slice it and is poor practice for a woman to follow.

Researchers up to this point have been unsuccessful in the findings of direct causes of learning disabilities. Their efforts have not gone in vain however, as much has been learned in the process. This new information that they have gained can help in the assessing of particular cases and possible treatments to follow. Making this leap has allowed the advancement in medicine and drugs to curb the loss of skills it requires to lead a healthy and natural life. All reasons mentioned in this article are of clearly speculated nature, and the studies continue.

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