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Do I Need A Lawyer?


> How Do I Find Free Legal Advice?

Lawyers can be expensive, so if you can find free legal advice you can save a lot of money. But where do you start to look, and how do you know that you are getting the best advice? Here are some suggestions. more...

> What Is Malpractice? Can I Sue?

A malpractice definition will be useful to you if you have suffered some kind of harm as a result of the actions of a professional person, and you want to know if you can sue. The law on malpractice can be complex. It may be different according to your state or jurisdiction. You can take a look around the internet to find a malpractice definition and decide if it might be worth taking your case further, but after that you will need a lawyer. more...

> Can A Personal Injury Attorney Really Help Me?

A personal injury attorney is the person to call if you have suffered any kind of harm that was not your fault, and you want to claim compensation either in court or out of court. more...

> Wrongful Death Attorney: How Much Can I Realistically Get?

A wrongful death attorney can act for you if one of your family members has died in a situation where somebody else can be held to be at fault. Often this is not counted as murder because it is a situation where the person did not intend to kill and so there may be no criminal conviction. more...

> Do I Need A Tax Attorney?

Do you need to hire a tax attorney? A lot depends on your situation. Of course, you may need a tax attorney if you have gotten into any kind of a dispute with the IRS. But many businesses have a tax attorney on retainer so that they or their accountant can receive specialist advice on tax law whenever necessary. This allows them to set up their business in the best way for tax purposes and can avoid some expensive mistakes. For an individual, the most common reason for hiring a tax attorney is that they are under investigation by the IRS. more...

> How To File Divorce Papers

Once you have decided that you want a divorce, you will probably want to go ahead and file divorce papers to set the process in motion. How long it takes to get a divorce depends on your jurisdiction (your state or country), but it is always true that the sooner you start with the divorce papers, the sooner you will get your divorce. more...

> Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

It is important to have accurate bankruptcy information if you are in a lot of debt. Bankruptcy can often be a way of extracting yourself from debts that are impossible to pay off. Therefore, it is important to know when you can declare bankruptcy and what are the consequences of doing that. Will you still be able to hold a checking account? Could you be fired from your job for being bankrupt? more...

> How To Find An Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys are specialists in immigration law who can help you to gain the right to live and work in another country, or defend you if you are accused of being an illegal immigrant. more...

> Is Prepaid Legal Real Or A Scam?

There are many prepaid legal complaints appearing on the internet now. On the other hand, there are also some genuine companies. If you are involved with a prepaid legal opportunity or considering joining such a scheme, you may be wondering whether it is genuine or a scam. more...

> Paralegal Work At Home Opportunities

Doing paralegal work from home can be a great way to earn a living, but it is not always easy to find opportunities. In this article we consider how you can improve your chances of finding paralegal work that you can do from home. more...

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