Name: Jeff Cohen
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Age: 41

I created this website to separate the motivated person from the lazy couch tater. So many people I used to come across in life asked for my help but had no intention of lifting a finger to help themselves. I realized they wanted me to solve their problems for them. It was pretty logical that they were using me. Didn't work. But I love to help people. And wouldn't you know it. Whammo! Like a kick to the head, was born. You're here because you've got a problem and are taking the initiative to solve it. Kudos to you. And, thank you for believing I can help. Enjoy your stay, leave a comment and come back again.

My Definite Purpose:

To help you help yourself. Life is short. Pick yourself up and make the most of the time you've got by improving your life or doing something fantastic for others. I firmly believe SolveYourProblem can help you achieve this.


My Goal:

My goal is to both write and aggregate great, informative how-to's. This is your place to learn something new or solve your problem and I look forward to many more years and hundreds (if not thousands) of new topics and channels to include.


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