SolveYourProblem Article Series: Headache Causes, Treatments & Relief
Help, My Headache Is Killing Me!

> What Is A Headache?

Almost everyone can relate to the discomfort or pain that is caused by having a headache. It is one of the most common health complaints known. Common, and yet complex for researchers who are endeavoring to find new and effective ways to helping sufferers to cope and find relief for their pain. And while not all headaches can be explained or easily treated, some accepted natural causes can include: tension, stress, constipation, sinus issues, eyestrain, low blood sugar, dehydration and anxiety. more...

> What Is A Migraine Headache?

Migraines are throbbing headaches that are vascular in nature. This means that they involve the brain's blood vessels. These vessels may dilate or contract in an excessive manner. And this causes pain. A body chemical called serotonin may play a role in this as one of it's aspects is that when levels of it are high our blood vessels shrink and when the levels are low our blood vessels dilate. more...

> Migraine Headache Causes & Triggers

The discussion of the cause and treatment of migraines is not a simple matter. Although it is generally understood that the excessive dilation or the excessive contracting of blood vessels can result in a migraine - the reason this occurs is not clearly known. more...

> What Are The Different Types of Headaches & Symptoms?

There is a variety of types when it comes to headaches. Although some may be very similar in nature and certainly the pain can seem to be the equal of any, there are differences. Detecting these differences may enable us to find the specific relief we need whether it means making changes for avoiding them in the future or by selecting the type of medication we need to get more immediate relief. more...

> How To Get Rid Of A Nasty Headache

A lot of time, money and research has gone into finding the cause of headaches and how to treat them effectively. We're all quite acquainted with the number of pain relief commercials that promise fast and efficient results. And if we go to the drug store we are faced with a variety of possible solutions. more...

> Headache Relief - Practical & Natural Treatments
> Asking Your Doctor How To Treat Your Headache
> Alternative & Natural Treatments For Headache Relief
> Headache Relief - Common Drugs & Medication Used
> What Do Unusual Headaches Mean?

SolveYourProblem eLearning Series: Headache Relief & Treatment
Help, My Headache Is Killing Me!
Migraine Headaches, Sinus Headaches & Tension Headaches


> Headache relief : All kinds of pains are bad. But there is nothing as mentally exhausting as a headache. It affects our well-being, our productivity and even our social existence. After a headache we feel mentally drained and physically exhausted. But then we come to the interesting question, should a bad headache keep a good man (or woman) down? To find a solution to this question, it is important that we understand more about headaches.

Headaches are of different types. They can be identified as headaches due to migraine, sinus and tension. Now these headaches are very different but they do affect the same part that is the head in general. So if we understand more about them we can reach an interesting conclusion.

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