SolveYourProblem Article Series: Organization
I Have An Urge To Get Organized

> 5 Simple Ways To Get & Stay Organized

Many people are under the impression that being organized means getting and staying that way once and for all. However, you may be surprised to learn that organization is really a HABIT. It is very much a continuous system of PROCESSING your belongings as they come in, leave, or stay in your possession. [ more... ]

> 3 Health Benefits Of Being Organized

Being disorganized can affect much more than your surroundings; it can have a large impact on your level of health and well-being also. Besides the obvious hazard of creating a higher likelihood of household injuries, clutter can also negatively impact the state of your mind and body in more subtle but equally damaging ways. [ more... ]

> How To De-Clutter Your Home

When you first start de-cluttering your home, you will be faced with one constant dilemma: what to do with all this stuff! In fact, de-cluttering is quite an eye-opening experience if you struggle with a lack mentality. You quickly realize that you have more “abundance” than you know what to do with! [ more... ]

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