Exercise, Fitness & Toning Your Muscles


> 6 Ways To Make Daily Exercise a Healthy Habit

Everyone can benefit from daily exercise. Any new habit may have challenging beginnings, but in time, nearly anything can become habitual. In this case, we're talking about a habit that has incredible benefits, so let's see what you can do to get exercising every day! more...

> Back And Abs Workout Using An Exercise Ball

Most of the exercises making up an abs workout using an exercise ball will strengthen your back as well as your abdominals and other core muscles. An exercise ball is a piece of equipment that you will find at any gym. You can also buy them for home use. They are not expensive. Exercise balls work by requiring you to use your muscles to balance or keep stable. more...

> A Chest Workout You Can Do At Home

Looking for a chest workout that you can do at home? Your local gym with all the machines imaginable is perfect of course, but sometimes you probably just don't have the time or the motivation to get there. Working out at home can save you a lot of time and money. more...

> How To Exercise Your Hamstrings and Why It Matters

Hamstring exercise is important for the development of the calves and also, of course, to avoid the well known injury known as becoming hamstrung. This is a strained or pulled hamstring, a painful injury which can put you out of action as an athlete or halt your workout problem at any moment if you allow the hamstrings to become weak. more...

> Strengthen Your Neck With These Exercises

There are many reasons why a person might want or need to start a program of neck exercise for strengthening the neck. If you are bodybuilding, a strong neck is important for prevention of injuries in this vital and vulnerable area. It is also important for appearance, being even more visible than the arms when fully clothed. more...

> How To Increase Your Lower Back Strength

Many people looking for core strength neglect lower back exercise while focusing on the abs. This is a huge mistake as the muscles of the back are vital for core strength. If you are undertaking any kind of workout program or even for normal day to day life, the back must be strong to avoid back injuries. more...

> Increase Your Leg Strength - 3 Leg Exercises

There are four main sets of leg muscles or tendons that you need to focus on. These are the quadriceps or quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (back of lower leg) and gluteus or glutes (buttocks). You do not necessarily have to work them all every day but be sure not to neglect any of them entirely or you will have problems. more...

> 5 Shoulder Exercises For Size and Strength

There many different forms of shoulder exercises and it is hard to pick out one and say that it is the best. Considering that the shoulder is only a small area and the deltoids are not large muscles, it may seem surprising that there are so many different exercises to choose from. However, the shoulder does have a wide range of movement and this is why its supporting musculature is so complex. more...

> Hip Exercises - Reduce Your Hip Arthritis Pain

Hip exercise is a very important part of pain management for anybody with arthritis in the hips. It is also probably the best way to limit the development or worsening of arthritis in all joints. more...

> Knee Strengthening Exercises (For Knee Arthritis)

Knee exercise is vital if you are suffering from the painful condition of arthritis in the knee joints. The right kind of exercise can help to maintain or possibly even increase your range of motion, which helps to prevent the knee from causing sudden acute pain or giving way. Exercise helps to maintain healthy cartilage. more...

> 3 Simple Arm Exercises For Women

Women often avoid upper body and arm exercise because of a fear that lifting weights will make them look like some huge bodybuilder. Really there is nothing to worry about. Any guy will tell you that growing huge muscles is not that quick or easy! more...

> 5 Simple Exercises For A Busy Body With No Spare Time

Women often avoid upper body and arm exercise because of a fear that lifting weights will make them look like some huge bodybuilder. Really there is nothing to worry about. Any guy will tell you that growing huge muscles is not that quick or easy! more...

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