I Want To Feel More Empowered...NOW!

> Top 3 Ways to Empower Yourself NOW

When you’re feeling unsure of yourself or your capabilities, your options in life can seem few and far between. Not only do you have trouble recognizing opportunities to improve your life, you also resist taking action and end up feeling stuck and defeated much of the time. more...

> Empowerment and Your Ability To Forgive

One stumbling block that can prevent you from feeling empowered is the inability to forgive – both others and yourself. Disempowerment often contributes to a self-image of weakness and powerlessness, which makes it difficult to forgive others for hurting or betraying you - or forgiving yourself for allowing it - because you believe that forgiveness means accepting or condoning the poor treatment... more

> Knowledge is Power - Get To Know Yourself

Part of being an empowered person is having intimate knowledge and awareness of yourself as an individual, including your strengths, talents, weaknesses, capabilities and limitations. How well do you know yourself?.... more

> How Do I Set Personal Boundaries?

Living your life as an empowered person often requires the placement of boundaries – invisible “lines” across which you will not allow people or events to infringe upon your time or resources. When you have clear inner boundaries in place, you know where you stand and you’re able to make decisions that support and nurture you.... more

> How To Build Your Strength & Empower Yourself

When it comes to personal empowerment, feeling strong and grounded is crucial. Without a perception of yourself as strong and resilient, you’ll find yourself cowering in the face of challenges; feeling intimidated by other people, and weighed down by your own fears and insecurities.... more

> From Disempowerment To Empowerment With These 3 Tips

When you live your life as a disempowered person, you often feel like the majority of your life experiences are out of your control. You allow other people or events to determine what you think, say and do; how you spend your time, and even the general direction your life takes. .... more

> Empower Yourself With True Self-Love

When you think of personal empowerment, you probably think of qualities like strength, confidence, courage and tenacity – but did you know that self-love is also an important aspect of empowerment?.... more

> Transform Your Fear To Empowerment

Do you ever allow fearful thoughts to erode your confidence and diminish your sense of empowerment? It’s a common trend for many people, and when you’re stuck in the midst of fear and uncertainty it can seem like an impossible task to pull yourself out of it.... more

> 3 Simple Ways To Start Believing In Yourself

If you’ve spent much of your life dismissing your talents and doubting your capabilities, it can seem like an impossible goal to begin believing in yourself. Since believing in yourself is such a vital part of goal achievement, overcoming your doubt and disbelief is crucial if you want to improve your life...more

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