What Are The Top 5 Depression Symptoms?

The top five symptoms for depression could all be experienced in a short time span such as a couple of weeks or over a longer period of time. Everyone has an episode of depression sooner or later, but you should pay attention to these symptoms if they’re permeating your life in a way that interferes with your family, your work or relationships with others.

Here are some depression symptoms that you should be aware of:

1. Thoughts of Suicide. These heartbreaking thoughts constitute the number one symptom of depression and you should take immediate action to see a doctor or psychologist.

2. Lack of Interest or Pleasure. When depression sets in, some people lose all interest in work or activities that they used to take pleasure in.

3. Fatigue. It’s normal to experience tired or “down” days. It becomes a major symptom of depression when it becomes difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning or perform tasks that support your lifestyle.

4. Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough. Being sleepy all the time may indicate that you’re depressed. Insomnia could also be a symptom. Not getting enough sleep could interfere with your job and your lifestyle.

5. Feelings of Hopelessness. If you think that nothing will ever improve and that you’re stuck in the train wreck that has become your life, you may be depressed.

Keep in mind that any of the above symptoms of depression could also be linked with a tragedy in your life such as the death or long illness of a loved one or excess use of alcohol or drug abuse, either with subscription or illegal drugs.

Depression symptoms may also include crying frequently or feeling overwhelming bouts of emptiness or crying. If you have children or loved ones who live with or are close to you, they may become irritable or angry.

Weight gain or loss may also accompany feelings of depression. Any significant loss or gain of 5% or more per month could indicate a bout of depression. Depression may also render you unable to make decisions and you may become agitated and impatient with yourself about your current state of mind.

Depression may become a “catch-22” if it makes you feel guilty or incompetent. You may begin to procrastinate about important matters that you need to take care of right away, but feel that you just don’t have the energy to complete.

There is help for depression symptoms. The main course of action is to see your health care provider or counselor right away if these symptoms are becoming worse or are interfering with your life.

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