How Can Depressed Children Be Successfully Treated?

Children can suffer from symptoms of depression too. These symptoms may not manifest themselves the way that adult depression does, but itís definitely a problem that can be very disruptive if not treated quickly and properly. Depression children might lose interest in school, friends and family and display emotions that interfere with their lives.

Depression children are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as simply going through a phase, but if a child is exhibiting anger, sadness or mood swings on a regular or constant basis, a pediatrician should be consulted. This is especially true if the child expresses thoughts of death or suicide.

Some depression children may resort to alcohol or drug use to relieve the symptoms of depression. He or she will usually experience a down turn in academic performance and may have no friends or a different set of friends who are also using drugs or alcohol. Most children under 12 years of age arenít at risk for attempting suicide, but if a child becomes especially angry or upset, he or she could be in danger.

Keep in mind that children in families with a history of depression might exhibit symptoms earlier than other children. Also, depression children are at greater risk if they come from an abusive or hectic home environment. Tell your doctor about these problems if you suspect that your child might be depressed. A mental health evaluation might be in order.

A mental health evaluation will include the parents as well as the child and sometimes information is also gathered from teachers and friends to show how the childís life has been disrupted by these symptoms. Parents and children might be given quizzes or questionnaires to fill out for evaluation purposes. Be sure and answer any and all questions honestly so that your doctor can make the best diagnosis.

Treatment options for depression children include counseling and/or prescriptions. Parents may be counseled to make environmental changes for the good of the child. Counseling and environmental changes may be the first suggestions a doctor makes because of the risks associated with antidepressant medications.

If your child is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a type of depression that causes severe mood swings, he might be treated with a combination of methods such as counseling, antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Be sure and talk to your physician extensively if you have questions about any treatment that he recommends.

Depression seems to be on the rise in children and you should confer with your health care provider if you have any reason to suspect that your child might be suffering from this disorder. Parents should be especially attentive to depression children and seek effective treatment.

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