Hello, Jeff @ SolveYourProblem here. Over the past several years I have received an ever increasing number of visitor inquiries on the subject of debt consolidation, debt relief and "I'm screwed, what the hell do I do?" With average household debt still on the rise (now about $8,000 - $10,000 per household) I can fully understand your aggravation. Been there. Done that. My debt was a whole lot higher. What I have done is put together an abundance of articles on credit cards & debt to give you a better understanding of 1) your options and 2) what you can do. Look for updates to this area as I scour the net for more helpful information.

One piece of advice: if an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Debt is a serious problem. Any quick fix will typically cause you even more of a migraine headache and additional anxiety in the long run.

SolveYourProblem.com Article Series: Debt Relief & Debt Consolidation
I Want To Get Rid Of My Debt...NOW!
>  How Do I Get Myself Out of Debt?
>  Top 5 Tips For A Debt Free Life
> Debt Consolidation: Do It Yourself
> Debt Consolidation: Frequently Asked Questions
> How Do I Dig My Way Out Of Debt?
> What Are The Signs Of Too Much Debt?
> How To Choose a Reputable Debt Consolidation Company
> When is Debt Consolidation Not The Right Option?
> Top Reasons Not to Trust Credit Repair Companies
> Christian Debt Consolidation Companies: Are They Trustworthy?
> Credit Cards, The Fine Print and the Debt Trap
> What is an Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan?
> Debt Collector Harassment: How To Resolve This Problem
> 8 Steps to Successful Debt Consolidation
> How Budgeting Can Lower Expenses and Pay Off Debt
> FICO FAQs and Debt Consolidation
> Are Home Equity Loans a Debt Consolidation Solution or Nightmare?
> How To Choose a Credit Counseling Agency
> Beware Predatory Lending: Debt Consolidation
> How To Avoid Debt Consolidation
> HELOC for Debt Consolidation: Say NO
> Refinancing Your Mortgage To Pay Off Debts
> Transfering Balances When Consolidating Debt
> How To Interpret Your Credit Report
> Debt Consolidation: Second Mortgage Options
> Consolidating Your Student Loans
> Debt Settlement: Why It's NOT a Good Option
> How To Find the Right Debt Consolidation Company
> When Is It Time To Consolidate Debt?
> Are Secured Loans a Good Option for Debt Consolidation?
> Statute of Limitations On Debt
> Avoid Debt Consolidation: Get a Second Job
> What Is The Role of a Debt Consolidation Company?
> Debt Management Programs: An Overview of Options
> Debt Consolidation: Bill Management Made Easier
> What Is The Fastest Way to Pay Off Debt without Consolidation?
> Line of Credit Debt Consolidation Loan: Pros and Cons
> Consumer Credit Counseling Services: What You Should Know
> The Fair Credit Reporting Act: Know Your Rights
> Should I Trust an Online Debt Consolidation Company?
> What Can Credit Counseling Do To My Credit History?
> How to Handle Debt on Your Own
> What Does Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Mean?
> Advantages of Student Loan Debt Consolidation
> Debt Consolidation Programs: Can I Still Get a Car Loan?
> Debt Consolidation Loans: Very Important Tips
> When Is Consolidation Not Your Best Option to Reduce Debt?
> Is Refinancing Your Home a Smart Debt Consolidation Move?
> Learn All Your Debt Consolidation Options
> The Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Route
> No More Credit: Just Consolidate and Save
> Don't Tap Into Your IRA For Debt Consolidation
> Consider This Before You Get a Credit Card
> Your Get Out Of Debt Options
> How Can You Repair A Credit History in the Toilet?
> How To Build A Good Credit History
> What is a FICO Score?
> Declaring Bankruptcy: Your Last Resort
> When Should You Get a Personal Loan?
> Is Student Loan Consolidation Right For You?
> Should You Consider a Payday Loan?
> Risks of a Secured Loan
> What's the Deal With Interest Only Loans?
> What is a Lawsuit Loan?
> Airline Credit Cards & Airline Mileage
> Become Debt Free By Christmas!
> Build Yourself a Great Credit History
> How To Repair Your Awful Credit Score
> What Are Your Rights Against Debt Collectors?
> Using a Credit Card: Pros and Cons
> Should You Refinance a Loan with Another Loan?
> How To Minimize Lending During The Holidays
> Donít Save When You Have Credit Card Debt
> Pay Debt Back Strategically
> Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?
> The Liars and Scammers of the Credit Card Industry
> Negotiating Your Credit Card Debts
> What to Do If You Are Considering Bankruptcy
> Alternatives to Credit Cards
> Beware The Sudden Credit Card Rate Hike
> Avoid Credit Card Payment Holidays
> Credit Card Companies Donít Want You to Pay
> What If You Miss a Credit Card Payment
> Debt Stress: The Human Side
> Credit Card Statistics: You Are Not Alone
> Moving Debt Between Credit Cards Can Save You Money
> Stop Paying the Minimum on Credit Cards
> Credit Card Jargon: What Terms Mean In English
> Top Five Credit Card Mistakes
> Understanding Credit Card Terms and Conditions
> Credit Card Interest Rates: What You Need To Know
> Get The Best Rates On Your Credit Card
> Are Credit Cards a Bad Idea?
> Credit Card Checks and Cash Advances
> How Your Credit Rating Affects You
> Choosing The Right Credit Card
> Turned Down For A Credit Card? What Should You Do?
> Get Out Of Debt: Debt Relief From A Unique Perspective
> Choosing a Credit Card (includes terms and helpful tips) : Courtesy of the Federal Citizen Information Center
> Your Credit Scores : Courtesy of the Consumer Federation of America & Fair Isaac Corp.
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