SolveYourProblem eLearning Series:
How Do I Get Rid Of My Cellulite?

( 14 pages )


> Get rid of my cellulite : In our never ending search for the elusive “Fountain of Youth,” nothing strikes a chord like the term “cellulite.” Interestingly, the term “cellulite” was first introduced to us by a fashion magazine. That fact is sufficient to generate speculation among opposing sides to this controversial subject.

What we endeavor to present here is an overview of the facts surrounding “cellulite” with an eye toward education. We make no recommendations nor endorsements as to the efficacy of any products that may be mentioned, nor do we recommend or endorse any particular treatments that we might discuss.

We hope to present the pros and cons of the arguments and allow you to make your own determination and course of action.

It is interesting to note that nearly two decades ago, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated that "there is no medical condition known or described as cellulite in this country.”

Because there is no official medical term for the conditions, does that mean that there can be a “cure?” Apparently so, as evidenced by the thousands of products and procedures available to combat the condition.


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