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> How do I figure out what I want to be in life?

Jeff: Parents tell their kids to "do what you love and the money will follow." If you apply for jobs that you honestly have no passion for, you're eventually going to be miserable, lose interest and tend to suck at the job. Look at your interests, hobbies, what news stories you follow, websites you visit and what you do in your spare time. What do you talk to your family or friends with passion about? Nowadays, you you can find a career in anything. With almost 7 billion people  on Earth, believe me there's a market for it! Start a blog. Become an expert where people follow you. Or, if you aren't so inclined, be a guest for other people's blog in the vocation of your choice. The bottom line is to get out there. Keep trying. If you don't like one thing, try another. It's not failure, it's learning what you don't want to do until you find what you DO want to do.

> I hate my job! What do I do? I feel stuck.

Jeff: See previous question. I'll add this: while you are still working at the suckie job you hate, find your passion. How? You have to be saying over and over how if you could do things over again, you'd do ____. My best suggestion is to volunteer so your current employer doesn't get wind that you want to quit AND you start getting noticed in the new vocation of your choice. Keep trying different volunteer jobs until you find something you like. You can even go to a website like to find ideas and pursuits.

> How do I get a job if I am young and have no job experience?

Jeff: Been there! The old catch-22. You can't land a job without experience, but you can't get experience without first getting a job. Frustrated the crap out of me. My advice to you is to volunteer, intern or do community work. Better yet, take the initiative and start a blog. Express your passion. Help others. Become the expert. Just start filling in your resume with experience. Employers may be more impressed with this than some paid work experience since it shows you are serious.

What did I do? I started my own small mail-order business in 1993 right out of college. I created a 30 page how-to booklet, wrote an advertisement, placed some ads in magazines and put it on my resume. One employer asked to see my product and offered me a job within 24 hours. Bingo. I only sold a handful of booklets, but it was the initiative that got me the job.

> Can a temp job really help me get full-time work?

Jeff: Yes! It is so important to get your foot in the door any way you can. If you go on a temp assignment and the company likes you, guess what... you are going to be first on the list to be hired for a full-time position. Consider it like a "test run" between you and the company to see if there is a match. Go for it! You have nothing to lose. It's a paycheck and a possible career path. You will be one step ahead of other applicants when a full-time position opens.

> Can getting a fresh college degree or online degree really help me?

Jeff: Yes! Absolutely. Just as when the economy shifted from an agriculture base to a manufacturing base way back when, it is happening again. The job market is in a whirlwind change. Old jobs are no longer needed. Computers do it. Or it's been outsourced overseas for cheaper labor. Whatever the case, new experience is required to adapt to today's environment in order to be "hire-able." Don't wait for your old job to come back. Get ahead of the curve and change with the times. Yes, change is tough. But the alternative is worse. Check this out for local and online degree options that are fully accredited and count.

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