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Skin Cancer
- How To Build Up Your Immune System

One of the most basic approaches to combating any disease is to improve the immune system. Although any recommendations given here are based on natural products it is good to coordinate any additional treatments with your doctor and your pharmacist. This is because even wonderful, natural products can interact badly or even negate the effects of more traditional medicine. It may be that you will have to hold off on some treatments until other medicines you are taking run their course.

With that in mind, these are some suggestions that can help to build the body's natural defense system if you are currently facing or even just worried about skin cancer.

Coenzyme Q10 - This helps to improve cellular oxygenation.

Essential Fatty acids that work to protect cells.

Good old garlic can enhance the immune system. If you find it difficult to use there are capsules that are found in health food stores that are easily digestible and non odor producing.

Vitamin A - Is a powerful antioxidant that kills free radicals.

Selenium - Targets free radicals as well, and works to protect against ultraviolet damage to our skin.

Vitamin B complex - Which work to build up our cells and help them preform normally.

And of course, wonderful Vitamin C that is an overall powerful agent against cancer. It will help strengthen the immune system.

Some natural herbs that are good for cell tissue repair are: Dandelion root, rose hips, burdock, alfalfa, and marshmallow root.

Astragalus works to boost the immune system and can help generate anticancer cells and is very pleasant to take.

If you can employ the peel and the seeds of the Chinese cucumber this is useful for inhibiting cancer cells.

Essiac Tea is found in many health food places - it is an older well-known remedy that is a combination of herbs and has had some positive results in cancer treatment.

In recent years there is much positive support for green teas as having great anticancer substances. And Tea Tree oil cream can be applied to sores as it enhances healing.

It is also recommended that a diet where fats are limited and the focus is on foods that have concentrated amounts of antioxidants can be beneficial in the fight against this cancer. Such foods include fresh citrus fruits,carrots, squash, spinach, cabbage and broccoli. Fresh, organic foods are the best to avoid unnecessary toxins such as pesticides.

Maitake or shiitake mushrooms are an excellent tasty addition and have shown that they have properties that work to inhibit the growth of tumors that are cancerous. They also are good for the immune system.

Grape Seed extract has also gathered notoriety for having antioxidants that actually protect against oxidative changes in the skin that are a result of too much ultraviolet radiation.

Another in the way of possible treatments involve using poultices that combine certain natural products such as comfrey, wood sage, ragwort and pau d'arco.

Always bear in mind that any suggested treatment requires a thoughtful decision based on research and an open communication with your primary health care provider.

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