SolveYourProblem eLearning Series:
Body Building - Teach Me To Pump Up
My Body & Muscles Properly

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This online guide is an exploration. We will explore the fascinating history of body building, which can be traced as far back as the 11th Century, up to the 19th Century when it arrived on the North American scene.

We will explore how to build your body and muscles, body building and weight lifting equipment, the “right” and the “dark” side of dietary supplements as well as the importance of proper nutrition for the serious body builder.

No discussion of body and muscle building would be complete without covering consumer health fraud. Bogus claims and promises of unrealistic results have been around for decades. The explosion of marketing on the internet has, unfortunately, created an exponential increase in unsavory providers ready and willing to bilk unsuspecting consumers.

SolveYourProblem Article Series: Body Building
Body Building - Teach Me To Pump Up
My Body & Muscles Properly

> 2 Ways To Build Strength and Muscle Fast
> How To Choose a Body Building Routine That Works
> Body Building - How To Build An Upper Body V Shape
> A Sample Female Body Building Workout Routine
> Are Body Building & Workout Clothes Important?
> Body Building - Can I Do It At Home?
> Creatine For Body Building, Should I Take It or Not?
> A Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Workout Schedule
> Beginner Bodybuilders - Don't Forget This Important Step
> Entering a Bodybuilding Competition - Suggestions and Advice

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