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What is the best advice for a job interview?

What Is The Best Advice For A Job Interview?

Two pieces of advice:

Both are surprising.

1) First, stop the resume blasting and learn about the company you are applying to. I cannot believe how many times applicants walk into an interview without the slightest preparation as to the company's history, current events/news involving the company or are even aware of who the boss is.

2) Second, be confident and ASK QUESTIONS. Show that you took the initiative and learned about the company. Don't do it to impress. Do it to show you want to work there and be part of a team.

I was guilty on both counts when I went job hunting at Advertising Agencies in New York City. I didn't prepare and didn't ask many questions that showed an interest in anything other than getting the job. Needless to say, I didn't get hired!

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