SolveYourProblem Article Series: Autism
Autism Causes, Signs & Treatments


> Autism: What Are The Characteristics?

Autism has been defined as a brain development disorder that restricts an individual's ability to interact and communicate with others in a normal manner. And while this definition helps to give us an idea of the problems and symptoms involved, it is an extraordinarily complex issue and cannot be readily understood with just a few simple words. more...

> Autism: History and Possible Causes

It is referred to as a developmental disorder because it usually arises before the age of three when children are learning so many of the basic skills. Autism delays the progress of these skills and hampers their development throughout the life of the individual. more...

> Signs of Autism - What Are They?

Autism is a disorder that normally manifests itself when a child has extreme difficulty in interacting and communicating with others in a manner that we have come to consider as 'normal' behavior. This is usually accompanied by a pattern of repetitive stereotypic activities. This is motor behavior that seems driven and doesn't seem to serve any particular purpose. It may even be a cause for self-injury. more...

> What Are The Treatments For Autism?

Certain types of treatments can involve aspects of diet, physiotherapy, counseling, working with language skills and some medication. Possibly due to the fact that each individual patient is unique, the results vary and so there is some debate over what kind of treatment offers the best results. more...

> Coping With An Autistic Child (As A Parent)
> Can Diet and Vitamins Help Treat Autism?
> Living With Autism
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