SolveYourProblem Article Series: Asthma
Asthma Causes, Triggers & Treatments

> What Is Asthma?

It is essentially a lung disease that causes the obstruction of the airways - the tubes that carry life-giving oxygen in and the stale air out. During an attack, asthma sufferers may feel as though they are starving for air. [ more... ]

> Asthma, What Are The Signs and Symptoms?

In understanding and identifying the signs and symptoms of asthma it is important to understand that the degree to which an individual may be affected by this disease can vary widely. In its most severe form the sufferer will evidence chronic respiratory impairment. Other individuals may undergo episodes of attacks, varying in degrees of severity, and continue to function reasonably well in between with only mild evidences of shortness of breath. [ more... ]

> Asthma - The Causes and Triggers

Asthma is a disease where the tissues that line the bronchial tubes that conduct air into and out of the lungs become inflamed and swollen and thus more narrow. As a result it becomes difficult for the sufferer to breathe. [ more... ]

> How To Diagnose Asthma

Asthma is a disease that can at times be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms that a sufferer may manifest can resemble other types of diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, and some lower respiratory infections. To come to a diagnosis conclusively may take a little time and patience. [ more... ]

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