Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Is Alcoholism a Treatable Condition?
by Jeff Cohen
Posted: Nov 13, 2006
Alcoholism is a very treatable illness. The most common and usual treatment of alcoholic people is the psychological one.

5 Common Symptoms of an Addiction
by Jeff Cohen
Posted: Oct 23, 2005
Addictions are most commonly associated with drug and alcohol addiction, however the truth is millions of people suffer from all kinds of addictions.

The Conversation of Recovery
by Dr Harry Henshaw
Posted: Apr 28, 2005
Transformation Counseling is all about assisting another human being to live a life that they love and to live it powerfully.

Self-Recovery from Addiction... Taking Responsibility For Your Life
by Edward B. Toupin
Posted: Mar 9, 2004
I've had several coaching clients come to me who, while they wanted to move forward in life, were actually stuck in a self-destructive addiction. Of course, I cannot directly confront them about their addictions, as they had to open up to me that it was part of the problem that was keeping them in the same rut in which they found themselves day-after-day.

The Warning Symptoms Of Alcoholism
by J. Bailey Molineux
Posted: Jan 7, 2003

Help For The Alcoholic Family
by J. Bailey Molineux, Ph.D.
Posted: Jan 7, 2003

Alcoholism In The Family
by J. Bailey Molineux
Posted: Jan 7, 2003




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