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Have You Lost a Loved One? Celebrate Their Life During the Holidays
Posted: Dec 23, 2010
When a loved one has passed on, the next group of holidays can be painful, sad, and scary. But your loved one would've wanted you to be happy and joyful, smiling as you remember the good times you shared. To work toward that peaceful feeling, find a way to celebrate your loved one's life this holiday season.

Death of a Loved One: Help a Grieving Person Cope
by Jeff Cohen
Posted: Mar 10, 2006
What do you do or what do you tell a friend who is suffering from the loss of a loved one?

The Not Named: Women Who Grieve for the Loss of a Child
by Sharon Winn
Posted: Sep 9, 2004
How many women carry grief from loss of a child? One in five mothers has experienced the death of a child through miscarriage, illness, accident or stillbirth.

Growing a Strong Marriage After The Loss of a Child
by Margaret Brownley
Posted: Jul 19, 2004
till death do us part. These familiar words take on an entirely different meaning when a child dies. Almost every marriage is challenged in the aftermath of such tragedy.

Dealing Positively With The Loss Of Love Ones
by Robert Elias Najemy
Posted: Mar 24, 2004
Following are some beliefs or thought-forms, which can be very supportive in our effort to cope with the departure of a loved one. If you find any of these helpful, write them down with large letters and place them where you can see them often.

Carpe Diem: Seize The Day
by Allen Johnson, Ph.D.
Posted: Aug 5, 2003

The Fear Of Death
by J. Bailey Molineux
Posted: Aug 5, 2003

The Myths Of Suicide
by J. Bailey Molineux
Posted: Nov 27, 2002

Walking Kirby to Class (a true story)
by Thom Rutledge
Posted: Aug 29, 2002




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