3 Simple Ways To Overcome Depression

Depression is an old age problem that seems to grip all kinds of people. Usually, depression involves sadness, withdrawal, disinterest, constant crying and to some extent, even suicide. The people who are depressed usually lock themselves in their room, cry buckets of tears and lose interest in the activities that they normally enjoy doing. Aside from these, the symptoms of depression are chronic tiredness, insomnia, excessive sleeping, low or no appetite low energy, feeling of inadequacy or worthlessness, anxiety, regrets, decreased productivity, poor productivity or recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. Most people usually get over this after a while but for some, depression comes back again later to haunt them.
So what to do about it? How should you overcome depression?
Upon approaching a doctor, the first thing that is requested of you is to take some anti-depressants. Most psychiatrists will opt to use the trial and error method to find drug that are right for you, and that will indeed help you. According to counseling psychologist Chuck T. Falcon, “For the fastest, most effective treatment of severe depression, find a psychiatrist who will use the dexamethasone suppression test (DST), the thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) stimulation test, and the MHPG urine test.”
When you want to stay clear of anti-depressants, there are some common ways to cure depression. These simple ways may save your life.

1) Develop interests and participate in activities.

Interests and activities are very much essential in contributing to a positive mental attitude and might even boost your self-esteem. A number of activities that you normally enjoy doing might seem a little bit boring in the long run. Find an activity that you find exciting, challenging and something that you have never done before. If you have lived in your house all these years, take a break and go on a safari trip. If you are lazy or tired always, master the art of martial arts and take up judo or aikido.

2) Keep a positive attitude.

Negative thinking plays a huge part in contributing to your being depressed. Instead of focusing on your problems, try thinking of all the blessings that you have at the moment. Do you still have savings? Do you still eat at least three times a day? Are you still healthy? If you answered yes to all of these, then there is no reason to be depressed.

3) Develop friendships and relationships.

Go out and meet new friends, but be very careful and wary of the friends you meet. Meet friends who carry on a positive attitude in life. That way, their self-esteem might help you and boost your attitude as well.

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