Positive Human Energy: Fill ‘Er Up

Look at your hand. What is it made of? Skin, muscles and bones you might say. What are those made of? Tissues, which are made up of cells. And, what are cells made of? Molecules, and then atoms. And going back to your basic chemistry, an atom is made up of a nucleus and an electron orbiting it. But do you know that between the nucleus and electron’s orbit is mostly empty space? In fact, the “empty space” is bigger than the nucleus and the electron. But this is not really empty space – it is energy.

Yes, your hand, your body – you – are mostly energy. And yes, all people, all living things around you and even nonliving things, are all energy.

According to James Redfield in his groundbreaking book The Celestine Prophecy, we all crave energy, particularly positive energy. It can be love from a person, approval from a parent, loyalty from a friend, success, or anything else that gives a positive feeling – anything that increases our energy. That is why when we do not experience this positive energy, we feel low and somehow drained of energy.

Redfield states that humans, in their quest for energy, are locked in a power struggle with other humans to get it. Just observe two people having an argument – doesn't the person who “wins” somehow look strong while the other looks “drained?” How do you feel when a person you are friendly to acts aloof towards you? How do you think that person feels?

These are all negative ways of getting energy. A person can intimidate, act aloof or uncaring, make you feel guilty, or drive you into a corner with his/her endless nagging or questioning to get energy and to drain you of energy.

But Redfield says there are positive ways of getting that energy without draining others.

First, you can get it from the universal source – or God, as some people know it. A constant connection with the divine will lift your energy without needing to drain others. Being around and reflecting on the beauty of nature also gives an instant energy boost. As mentioned, all things are energy, so being in the company of nature will bring your energy level up.

You can also surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers, especially people who support you. Minimize contact with people who only drain you.

And, to get positive energy, you should also give it! Give your time to people and things you love, and energy will fill you up in no time.

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