My 9 Depression Remedies

Letís face it. When you are in a state of depression, itís really hard to push yourself to make any move to overcome it. In worst case scenarios, you may even think that yours is a hopeless case and that there is no remedy available to fix your current situation.

Fortunately, there are some remedies that are available to help you get out of this emotional black hole. They do not require much effort but can help provide effective solutions. Here are some of them.

1. Accept the fact that life is topsy-turvy, with upswings and downswings. If you are down right now, realize that things can only get better in the coming days. Take stock in knowing that an improvement is imminent.

2. Avoid falling into the trap of wallowing in how sad and downtrodden you are feeling. This will only compound your woes and will not contribute to your productivity. Narrowing down your negative feelings into more temporary emotions, like grief, anger, pain or sorrow, can help ease depression.

3. Jot your feelings down. Writing down what you feel on paper can be a relieving solution to your depression. You can write a letter to your friends explaining your current state and the reason for these emotions. Be choosy and subtle with the words you are going to use. Have an open mind about the possible solutions that might pop up while you perform this activity. Most people find that writing down their thoughts helps them put things into their proper order and perspective. Eventually, you will come to your senses and realize that your situation is not that hopeless and gloomy, after all.

4. Consult your doctor. Depression is not only detrimental to your mental health. It can wreak havoc on your physical state, as well. If you find that your sadness is something that has started to overwhelm you, your doctor might be able to prescribe helpful medications to calm you down and suggest exercises to help boost your endorphin levels.

5. Stay away from substances that are known to be enhancers of depression, such as alcoholic beverages, caffeine, chocolate and chocolate products, and food with high sugar content. These products increase the feeling of depression and should be avoided.

6. Engage in an exercise program. Exercise can keep your body energetic and active. Consult and seek medical permission to exercise, especially if you have health problems.

7. Pause and reflect. Donít abuse your bodyís capacity for physical activity. Depression may also caused by the body not functioning properly. Take momentary breaks from work and other events.

8. Develop a new hobby. Changing your old routine or hobby may also help ease your depression. Play badminton or go mountain climbing to shift your interest from your sadness to your new hobby. Who knows, you might even get to meet new and interesting people while youíre at it.

9. Involve yourself in community service. Helping other people is an excellent way of easing your depression. Not only will you be so busy helping others that you forget how sad you are, but you will also be doing great service for others.

Depression need not lead to the end of your world. If you do something about it, you will soon realize that your depression is nothing but a part of your past experiences. The operative word here is ďpast,Ē meaning, you can leave it behind, forget about it, and move forward to happier and more productive things. Follow these tips and achieve great results.

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