How To Succeed by Awakening Your Mind

To awaken simply means ‘to become aware’.  When you are aware, your mind opens up the conscious knowledge of yourself and your surroundings, your actions and feelings. You have an ability to focus your attention on these things. When we are aware, we have a better understanding of life and our attention is always in the present, in the ‘now’.
Awareness is practiced in a number of ways. When you focus on a feeling or an activity you are doing, awareness happens. To put it simply, your mind awakens when you focus. Engaging yourself in anything you do with an open mind and new approach can awaken your mind.

Most of us have the following qualities – We worry too much and almost all the time, we lie awake almost through the night worrying or planning, we are always busy making ‘to do’ lists, we rebuke ourselves for happenings that are out of our control, we lack the time for our personal activities, so on and so forth.

You can avoid the above situations if you make an effort to clear your mind and stay aware of the present moment. I offer some tips here in that direction – on focusing your mind to develop mental awareness.

Just be a spectator of your thoughts – it is impossible to stop thinking, right? The more you try not to think, the more you keep thinking. Instead of wasting your effort on stopping the thinking process, simply stay with your thoughts. Be a spectator and do not participate in the process. You will slowly notice that your mind becomes quieter and you will witness a deep calmness.  

Try to imagine a blank or a clear sky in your mind – let the thoughts come and go but do not follow any particular thought. Eventually all your thoughts will subside and only the image of a clear sky will remain in your mind.

Start counting your breaths slowly - normally, it is difficult to let go of your thoughts.  Try counting slowly as you breathe slowly. Concentrate on the numbers and your thoughts will slowly vanish. This also reduces the pressure on your mind.

Focus on the activity – when you are engaged in an activity, keep your attention focused on the activity. Do not allow any other thought to interrupt your actions. Focus your mind on the task at hand. If your mind should wander tell your mind to pay attention only on the task. Constant practice of this technique helps you to achieve an unwavering mind. Tasks done with a hundred percent attention can only be perfect.

Keep your body still – sit in a comfortable place, in a comfortable position. Sit still without moving your arms or legs. When you restrict your body movements, you will notice that your mind also settles down. As you concentrate on your breathing in this position, your mind relaxes, your concentration improves and you become aware of your calmness within you and around you.

Put your mind where your heart is – if you have any interesting activity or project, concentrate on it with your full awareness. Watch success pile up as you pursue your interest with an open mind.

Keep your mind open - develop openness to new people and new surroundings. Experiment with new activities. New possibilities will open up before you in life.

If you try these simple suggestions, your mind will awaken you to greater perspectives and prospects in your life. 

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