Be Smart - 6 Ways to Manage Your Moods

You have probably heard of time management and team management, etc. Have you heard of mood management? Mood management is as the name suggests - the managing of your moods.

We all go through different situations in life. Our moods change according to these situations. If you want to lead a smooth life it helps to learn to manage your moods. We manage our moods almost all the time unconsciously. What do you do when you are angry or bored? You watch TV, go out shopping, read books, visit friends or simply sleep for a while. Though these are activities we do in our free time, these are actually attempts we make to manage our moods to make ourselves feel better. When you consider the truth, managing our moods is a fulltime job for all of us. You can add the following natural mood lifters to your basket of ideas to lift yourself from unpleasant moods.

Get in tune with nature - Nature sooths and comforts you in its own natural way. If you are too busy and feel tired, just take a walk along the beach. Smell the spring air. Listen to water flowing through a creek. You will be amazed at the relaxation you feel when you return to your work desk.

Light up scented candles - This seems to work wonders. Light up some scented candles and play some soft music while you take a bubble bath or just lie back on the couch. You will feel like you are out of this world and drifting away into the clouds.

Flip through those family photo albums - Looking through your wedding photographs or your children's pictures brings on a secure feeling. You instantly feel the warmth swelling up in your heart. Your eyes reflect the pride and joy you feel about your family.

Clean Your Car - Gather up all the newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles, soda cans and paper that you would have left in the car.  Wash and clean the car with soap water. You may allow your children to join you in the task. You can splash water at the children and or pets and watch them enjoy it. Their joy will automatically lift your spirits.

Take a break from your routine - Working all the time will easily tire you out. Take a break. Sit with a cup of coffee and relax. Try to smell the flavor from each sip of your coffee. Pat yourself for being a good coffee maker!

Meditate - Nothing else matches the relaxation you get from meditation. Just sit calm, pay attention to your breath and when you are done, say after 15 minutes, you are ready to take the world on your shoulders. 

When you have some control over your moods, you are able to handle your emotions. But when your moods change severely, you seem to lose control of your emotions. Uncontrolled emotions may lead you to take erratic actions. Such actions may end up as something you might regret for later on.

You have got the valuable tips. Be smart and manage your moods to live a healthy life.

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