Donít Lose Your Job After An Argument With Your Boss

Arthur is known for being a temperamental person. One day, his impulses failed to save him. He got involved in a heated and intense argument with none other than his boss.

The situation was so flaringly intense. Everyone in the office fell mum and shocked. Many opted to pretend that they did not hear and see anything, although a majority of them had their ears glued to the door and heard the exchange of hot and flaming words between a superior and a subordinate.

Situations like these are sometimes unavoidable and come even if people never like these to happen. These incidents do happen, even under all unfavorable and awkward circumstances.

For the subordinate, the next problem now is how to fix the mess. Arguments and strained relationships with a boss are some of the most disturbing yet preventable situations confronting most employees and subordinates.

In the normal and conventional corporate setting, most employees go to the extent of kissing their bossí ass just to earn good favor and ratings from the boss.

When things happen, the usual and logical question to ask yourself is, ďHow do I get out of this mess?Ē

Things are really screwed up when you get into an argument or disagreement with your boss. This can put your job at risk.

Understandably, it is hard to want to lose a job nowadays. The cost of living is always on the rise and you have bills to pay on a regular basis. Yearly, millions of younger and brighter new graduates are competing in the ever declining and narrowing job market.

So, what is your best move?

When things are screwed between you and your boss, analyze the situation very carefully and try to humbly admit who is on the wrong or erring side.

If you realize that you made the terrible mistake, plan to make amends. Never burn bridges because your boss is the only way in and out of your occupation.

Professionalism will prevent your boss from firing you just because of that one instance or episode. However, the situation still depends on the gravity of your offense and the way you handled the disagreement.

If only heated words were exchanged, there is still a chance. Just make sure that you learn your lesson well. The next time a similar event occurs, make sure you have complete control on yourself and never utter profane words to your boss again.

If more than just heated words were exchanged (such as the involvement of physical violence), chances are you already lost your job and you should start looking for a new one!

Making amends and admission of guilt are gestures of humility. Doing so will effectively save your ass.

For sure, your boss got angry at your attitude and behavior, but this is already a given. Bosses are human too. They are also prone to impulsive reactions. The difference is that they are tasked with greater and even grave responsibilities.

Make amends by admitting your guilt or saying that you are sorry. Never burn bridges with your boss because as mentioned earlier, your boss decides if you are still in or out of the department. If saying sorry is not enough, try to give him or her little tokens.

If you decide to voluntarily leave the office, it is good to get closure by making peace with your boss. He may still help you by giving a referral, which you will need for your next job application, donít you think?

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