Creativity Enhancement Tips

Every one of us is born a creator and creative. During infancy, we are already able to distinguish what our preferences are, what catches our fancies and what appalls us most.

However, we usually don't realize we have this talent because our parents often tell us what to do and give us a concept of good and bad as we grow. Often, our minds are molded by what our elders teach us as we move along life paths and forget that things may be done and created in ways that are deviant from the norm.

As we grow older, our left brain, the purveyor of logic, takes over our creative right brain, or the feeder of the imagination. Because society tells us that such a method is the right way to complete a particular thing and only that, we often resign to the process and fail to experiment and look outside the box.

So, the question is, how do we resurrect this inner creativity? How do we enhance it so we get a better understanding of how who we are and what we truly want? Here are some creativity enhancement tips to start your quest:

1. Don't fear failure.

Everybody makes mistakes and it is in these mistakes that we learn more about life. Welcome failure and see it as a challenge, or as an opportunity to improve yourself. If you meet a hindrance along the way, be flexible to accommodate, ride it. If you can't ride it, accept that it is there and find alternative ways.

Creativity is enhanced when we force ourselves to think of other methods to tackle a problem or face a situation. See failure as an opportunity for creativity enhancement.

2. Take chances and welcome surprises.

If you stick to a linear path, you will be able to get to where you're headed, but it won't really be as much fun as when you pause to smell the flowers and frolic in the grassy meadows once in a while. It's okay to stray for a bit. Who knows what great discovery you will find? You don't always have to be logical or straightforward.

Play with your imagination and make up scenarios. Meet new people, attend to other events. This doesn't mean, though, that you should delay in reaching your target. Just go have fun.

3. Everything has a solution.

No matter how big a challenge is, it always has a solution. Don't dwell on the fact that it is there. Instead, concoct creative ways to get around them. Again, problems and blockages are great ways to enhance your creativity. Embrace them.

4. Quantity.

The more you learn from an experience, the greater your creative juices will be enhanced. Go for events that tickle your creative fancies. Boring is no fun. Duh.

As you might have noticed throughout the entire article, creativity enhancement leads to just one thing: having fun and letting go of inhibitions. And, remember, do it with a smile.

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